Recent PDX Profiles...

17 Mar 2008

Monday is Interview Day over on DIY Alert. So I thought I'd share some recent interviews with Portland makers. It's a dang talented city . . . despite our current weather problem. March is a stern taskmaster around here. Anyway...

Above, you can see the freakin' amazing beadwork of Lisa Gastelum. I adore her clean, precise peyote work, and her tasty use of color. This necklace is my favorite thing of hers ever.

Beth Barnett makes great simple books from simple materials. This cookbook is something she self-publishes in small runs. I love this whole idea - a personal collection of recipes, written, printed, and assembled by the author.

. . . And this is one of Nikki McFerren's shadowbox collages. She's a self-described "art history geek," who combines iconic images with bits of fancy paper and crafty things to make these richly-detailed pieces. (Note: if your workplace doesn't like you looking at art that involves the female torso, the you should probably consider this link non-worksafe.)

Those links will take you to the interviews, and more photos, and maybe, everlasting fulfillment. And Happy Monday!