A New (to me) Local Crafty Haunt

30 Aug 2009

Well, seeing as how I forgot my camera when I went to the Farmer's Market this weekend, I thought I'd show you another wonderful local spot: the Pendleton Woolen Mill Store, which Mom turned me onto recently.

Some of you may be familiar with Pendleton Woolen Mills, which is famous for high-quality wool fabrics in all kinds of weights, as well as ready-made blankets and clothes. The Woolen Mill Store has this stuff, but is really more of a crafter's paradise.

If you can afford, it, you can get gorgeous wool yardage in all kinds of colors and patterns.

There are also tables and tables of cut yardage - great stuff for Fall and Winter sewing. It's spendy, but it's beautiful.

...But where I went a little nutso was in the scrap bins. They have bin after bin of pieces that are leftover from cutting out manufactured garments. They're all odd sizes and shapes, and just five bucks a pound!

I found these two long, narrow strips - perfect for scarves. All they need is a little edging, and some embroidery or needle-felting.

And I found this nice, big piece of plaid - enough for a simple skirt, and complete with fringe. Total cost, about a dollar.

What's great about the odd-size scraps is, they're perfect for plush toys. They had a bunch of them made up in the store - really adorable, with these prints all over them. Not to mention, you could easily piece together a blanket or bag with this stuff.

Keep poking around, and you'll find plenty of other crafty, including all this lovely roving for needle-felting. Just $1.50 a bundle. There's also a great selection of fiber-related craft books, and wall displays demonstrating lots of uses for wool in crafting. We had a great time poking around.

I also scored this big bag of buttons for a mere five bucks. I assure you, I was very dignified about it.

Anyway, the store runs a great selection of classes, too. Locals, it's well, well worth a visit. And if you're not local, visit their eBay store!


Ooh! Ooh! I had no idea. Definitely a must-go-to. Smiling at the prospect...

Ooh... you will love it!

Wow. That's just not fair.

I used to go there ALL the time when they sold spools of the wool yarn they used for their blankets. It was great wool -- we use it all the time for felting, fabulous stuff, only $5 a lb...

Nowadays, I'm COMPLETELY haunting the Goodwill Outlet, just around the corner from the Pendleton Outlet -- have you been there? I just got a FABULOUS little table that I'm going to make over for only $5. Great, solid wood, lots of character.... I found a whole box of vintage buttons there and thought of you (everything's by the pound, $1.59)...

Oh, yeah - it never occurred to me that we were right by The Bins!

Okay, now, locals - you REALLY have to go!

...And they did have some ends of wool yarn spools, still on the old
wooden spindles, for $5 each. It did look like great stuff.

Thank you, Diane, for letting me share this adventure with you! I love how you have now shared the day with others.

I made a list of ideas for projects as we were driving home - I have 11 new projects using material, scrap selvages, and roving. Locals - don't miss it! Just be prepared to be inspired! Take a note book!

Being dignified is for sissies! Hon, when you find a yummy lot of buttons like that - you go.freaking.nuts. ;)

Yet another reason I wish I lived in Portland. What are we up to now? 'Bout 3,694? ;)

If I ever get back to Portland, this will be on my list of places to go! I made a quilt from my husbands worn out Pendleton shirts last Christmas.

Yes! You, in particular, would find so much wonderful stuff to do with those scraps.

I totally drove right by this place on Sunday and noticed it for the first time. I guess now I don't have to wonder if I'd like going there. I know I would! Thanks!!

I still can't believe we went on the same day. Wild.

LOVE the store. I got a bag full of blanket leader strips (offcuts from blankets) for $2 a pound (to sew into a rug - did one today, possible craft fail), and strips of blanket for 50 cents/lb. I tied the blanket strips (about 1/4" wide and 8 feet long) together and rolled it into balls of "yarn" for a crocheting project. Would be absolutely awesome for a crocheted or braided rug, and would last for decades. I really wanted some wool selvedge (like we had at that one church of craft) but they were out. Oh darn, I'll have to go back for another visit@

Oh, yeah - that selvedge stuff is the coolest!

Me, too - and I could have hauled home tons of scraps. Good thing I
was on a budget... :-)

Me, too - and I could have hauled home tons of scraps. Good thing I
was on a budget... :-)

buttons! :D sorry ;)

that store looks fabulous, I could spend days there it looks like :)

Sounds like you scored at the Mill Store! When I was young, we visited the Amana Woolen Mills and Mom bought a bunch of remnants/scraps. She never made what she planned to out of them, but one snowy winter when I was in college, I turned the greenish-teal plaid scraps into a straight little mini! Loved that thing--I think it's still around somewhere...

Oh, I want those buttons!! I'm looking for a pendletons right here. Imean, closer than the Disneyland one.

Oh, I want those buttons!! I'm looking for a pendletons right here. Imean, closer than the Disneyland one.