Creating A Blog Audience: an Unconventional Marketing Guide

04 Sep 2009

That whoooooshing sound you hear is me breathing a huge sigh of relief. My new ebook is finally out!

I didn't exactly make my self-imposed August 15th deadline on this one, but sometimes it takes longer than you think it will to say everything you want to say (coherently).

I hope you all like Creating a Blog Audience. It's about promoting your blog through "engagement marketing," which is particularly well-suited to a community like ours and the internet age. And it's written specifically for craft bloggers.

You can get all the deets over here.

And, if you bought a copy of my first blogging ebook, Making a Great Blog, then watch your email! You should be getting a discount coupon from me soon for this new one.


Thank you so much, Alexandra! I hope you find this one a good
companion to the first one. I hugely appreciate your support!

You rock.
How do I get it? I need to know! I am already not first, and that's SO annoying! I mean, I'm glad about it and stuff. But I must know how to get it!!

Oh. Scout told me to click up there.


Oh excelent ! I´ll get my copy, and thinking about reading the first one again, fanstastic and congratulation for your new e-book.

yeah - I was going to ask you earlier last week and *bang* here it is!! Fantastic.

I don't want to ruin my in-depth review that I'll be doing over at DudeCraft, so I'll just say that: "If you're a craft blogger and you want to know how to build your audience in the most natural, engaging, and participatory way, you need to own this book. It's fantastic."

Awesome! Thanks so much, Paul. I for one will still be reading your
review. :-)

Thank YOU, Marsha! I hope you find it useful.

Got my copy this afternoon and really like the extra guidance and clarity it provides, even from a general read through of topics and some pages... Can't wait to sit and do a full read through this weekend!

Thanks for pulling it all together for those of us that really need some guidance (especially from someone like me that seems to be a bit all over the place at times and needs help with focus). One step at a time, little by little...



Thanks, Bridget!

Hi. I just bought mine and haven't read the full book yet, but the bits I've read are fabulous. I need all the help I can get at the moment, seems I've lost my blogging mojo.

Thanks so much for ordering it! I hope it helps bring your mojo back
in spades.

You're so kind, Rita! I can definitely write some more... :-)

After reading "Making a great blog" twice today, I'm now reading this one! I'm soooo excited about it!! I'll also buy "Social media..." in a few days. Thank you Diane, and please write more e-books!

Thanks so much for ordering it! I hope it helps bring your mojo back
in spades.

As a new blogger I thought I 'got it' but after reading 'Creating A Blog Audience: an Unconventional Marketing Guide' I realise I hadn't 'got it'!

And just in the nick of time - as I, like a lot of other newbie bloggers I'm guessing, was getting discouraged by my inability to gain an audience (other than my wife and mother!).

Anyway, I've been 'put right' - and in the most constructive, positive and encouraging way possible.

If you are new to blogging (or a seasoned blogger still struggling to grow an active audience) you absolutely must read this book. Thanks Diane.

Thank you, Scott! And I'm loving your blog - what fun, original projects, and what an awesome design.