This week's free project at The Knittn' Kitten!

29 Sep 2009

It's Tuesday, which means there's a new free project sheet at The Knittn' Kitten!

These freaking awesome beaded hairpins were contributed by the ever-talented Teresa Sullivan. (Which, if you've never seen her work, follow that link. I'll wait.)

Stop by The Kitten anytime this week, and you can pick up the how-to for these pins, and some seed beads on the cheap.

And for even more inspiration, check out these adorable baby barrettes Heather made with stuff from The Kitten.

(That skull and crossbones totally kills me, by the way.)


I went to their site and couldn't find it so I'm stopping to ask directions!

Teresa's work is always super-stunning. And I LOVE the skull & crossbones pin! I totally need one of those!!

The instructions are in the store, Rebecca. Just stop in and ask for
your free project sheet.

lovely! very lovely! xoxo