How to Make Lots of Cards from Just Two Punches

24 Nov 2009

This little project was inspired by a post on Ann's awesome blog, All Things Paper. Which you should add to your feed reader right now. I'll wait.

Ann posted about a gorgeous floral card, in which the petals and leaves were made with a single paper punch.

Well, that got me excited. I'd love to have a big collection of cool punches, but have you priced those things lately? Ack.

You're looking at my entire punch collection. When I saw Ann's post, I sat right down and challenged myself to make something cool using only these tools.

After punching some base circles, I set about dividing them into quarters. I used a circle template, but you can also just fold and unfold them.

I wanted to punch these circles into new shapes, but I needed a way to feed them back into the punches.

...A Post-It note worked great! I just folded it in half, with the circle sticking to one corner.

Then, you have a nice handle! You can use it over and over again, and if you happen to punch through it, so what?

So with a few punches, you can make a nice array of basic shapes. It's also very easy to turn out crescent moons and loops and such.

It was really fun, playing around with all the ways these simple shapes can be combined.

And then I busted out my Stickles and added a little enhancement here and there.

By the way, Ann also turned me on to these fun circle-based designs.


So awesome. It's like totally mathy and nerdtastic and totally crafty all at the same time. Perfect!

Thank you Diane for a great idea! I'm going to make some holiday cards. So simple yet elegant and festive and a little retro too.

I love these designs and this idea. I'm a total craft punch junkie- but your right they are expensive. What a great way to expand the possibilities without plunking down the cash to get another one!!!

Thank YOU for the inspiration!

Wow! I love every one of your designs.... very cool indeed. And I'm thrilled to have inspired you. Thanks so much for the shout-out, Diane!


Yes. This is a delight. brilliant. I don't have many punches either.

Thanks, Dude!

Smart. Smart. Smart!

Thanks so much, Michelle!

This. Is. Amazing. I have those two circles punches too!

Seriously lovely work. You totally rock!

Those cards are beautiful. I do have that circle maker and I do need to make some handmade cards this year.


Thank YOU, June! I'd love to see pictures, if you do!

I can see the entire family doing this one!

thanks for the crafty goodness!

I have a feeling your handmade cards would be amazing, Donna!

This is so very clever and resourceful! I don't make really handmade cards, but armed with this information, I might try!

Thanks for sharing! I've been looking for an excuse to buy a circle punch!

Love this Diane! You completely rocked it. :D

awesome! you are so talented!

Thanks, Debbie!

Heh - I heart you for saying "nerdtastic!"

Thank you so much for this. I'm making a flower garden in my wc with my circle punch and old contact paper and had run out of ideas after three flowers - now I know what I'm going to finish this afternoon!

Ooh, that's a really fun idea!

Really nice work!

Really nice work!

cool :D great idea to try

I haven't looked here for prices of punches, don't want to faint in the store :p

This is just too awesome. You're a genius!

Those are awesome! I might have to get a couple circle punches one of these days.

These are gorgeous! I find the challenge of forcing yourself to work with what you have often results in the most exciting and satisfying designs. As you have just proven here!

Yeah, I'm with Paul. You're a smartypants.

Love this post.

Im new to paper crafts and I'm so excited about the things and items I can create. Thanks for all the new ideas floating around my head.  Marilynn Williams of