Podcast: Engagement Marketing for Your Crafty Business

01 Jan 2010


In this show:

• Let's look at Engagement Marketing, a very important tool for your crafty business in the internet age.

• We'll talk about how blogging, Twitter and Facebook can help you reach new customers... if you use them wisely.

• We'll also look at the most common online marketing mistakes I've seen crafty business owners make in 2009.


If you want to go deeper into these ideas, check out my ebooks:

Making a Great Blog: A Guide for Creative People

Creating a Blog Audience: An Unconventional Marketing Guide

Social Media for your Crafty Business

You might also like these engagement-marketing resources from around the web:

Trust Agents is a book well worth reading.

• Its co-author, Chris Brogan, writes a great blog.

• Another worthwhile book: The Whuffie Factor, by Tara Hunt.



Thank you! Hope you find lots more to enjoy here!

Heh - thanks, crazed fan! :-)

Hi Diane... Thank you for a great podcast full of very concrete advice. In fact, I am following your advice right now and posting a blog comment! :-)

Thank you so much, Genevieve! I love to get comments! :-)

To: the person who produced this podcast
From: crazed fan

THIS is absolutely one of the most stunning podcasts I've listened to in months, and believe me, I listen to a lot.
This makes the whole thing so clear. The podcast is much clearer than I'm being, here. I have listened to it twice and about to listen to it again. And this is not because I'm hard of hearing.


the person sitting out in her car in front of your house, with binoculars

Hi there Diane,
I discovered Crafty Pod only yesterday and was thrilled to listen to this engagement marketing podcast. Thank you so much for taking the time to put these up and I am looking forward to diving more into the site and having a good look around!
By the way - love the music! :)

Thanks for the wonderful tips, I'm very interested in starting my own etsy shop and wanted some ideas on how to gain customers so this was very helpful!

Fabulous podcast Diane! I've had some troubles on my site (it was stolen out from under me be a foriegn company that seems to like porn) Ick. You always inspire me , and I thank you.

Thank you, Kate! I'm so glad you found it useful!

What a great podcast! I heard about this one from Craft: (which I'm sure a bunch of people did) and am so glad I clicked on the link! Very helpful information! Thanks so much!

Thanks so much for such a wonderful wonderful podcast. As i am getting ready to head into a busy and new phase of my creative work, i totally needed this. Thanks you for being so real and honest, and of course, kind to share such great information! hugs, Lisa!

Ooh this is going to be a good one! I know what I'll be listening to tomorrow! And I am LOVING the new look. Just gorgeous!

So fantastic! I can never explain this stuff clearly to people. I think I'll listen to it again and try to pick up some "Talking points" :-)

Wow, you went and posted a new craftypod while I was listening to the archives! :)

I'm here to serve! :-)

Yes! I happened to listen to this right after I unfollowed some un-engaging Twitter friends and as I was writing a blog post...Great ideas to keep in mind! Thank you!

Love your banner!

Diane, Congratulations on another great podcast. Way to start the new year!!

Excellent episode... dayum, woman... you are good.

Happy New Year!!!

An truly excellent Podcast Sister D!

Honestly, I had no idea there was so much theory behind what I do because I enjoy it.
I think one thing you forgot to mention was how much more rewarding, and dare I say it, FUN this type of marketing can be. Having a real relationship with your customer base is good for the soul, damn it.

Amen to that, Heather! Thanks for mentioning that!

Great podcast! It's nice to know that I don't *have* to use all the social media tools at my disposal ... just in case I never start loving twitter. ;)

Thanks, Meg! And wow - how awful. I'm so sorry this has happened.

Heh heh - yup, just like I gave Facebook a try and never grew to love
that. I actually think that the more places your try to spread
yourself, the less real engagement you'll be able to do in each one.

It does take a bit to get used to Twitter, for sure. I was on it about
a month before I "got" it.

Thank YOU, LynAnne!

Great topic, Diane. I still think there is a place for broadcast marketing for some businesses, but engagement marketing makes a LOT more sense for small crafty businesses. Brilliant podcast, as usual!

Thank you, Rachel! And, agreed - broadcast isn't completely dead. It
just has a much more specific niche now.

Diane, I love this podcast, so useful! I was cringing when you starting talking about mistakes other crafty biz people make in marketing, but then realized you weren't talking about me (haha). I just sent this link to a few different friends too. I would love to talk with you soon about the TV show we are working on. We'd love to have you on!

Diane -

This was my first time listening to a CraftyPod podcast, and I found it super inspiring and interesting. Thank you so much! I'll be sure to peruse your archives and stop by in the future!


Thank you, Emily! I'm so glad you stopped by!

Sister Diane
thank you for this post, I found it through the Craft link they provided today. What a refreshing take on the world of ecommerce and business. thank you for you ideas, they are well recieved by myself and others I told this site about.
happy new year
Project K

Thank you, Karina! Happy New Year!

I too came via Blog.Craftzine.com and wanted to let you know that I've emailed all the small business counselors in my SCORE chapter asking them to take a listen.

We're often asked about Social media and this episode might be my go-to resource from now on since you explain it so well.

Wow, Karlie, thank you so much! I hope they find it helpful. Happy New

Hi, Sarah -

It's a great question, and like many things in the online world, there
is no single answer. :-)

I see two main ways people respond to comments on their blogs. One is
to reply in the comments of your own blog. So, someone leaves you a
comment, and you post your response to them in your own comments. This
is nice, because it's a public reply and it's easy. The downside is,
not all blog readers will check back to see if you replied, so your
replies may not be "heard."

Another method is, as you mentioned, finding the commenter's email
address and sending a nice email. This option is a little more work,
but I like it because it's more personal. I emailed commenters up
until last summer, when the number of comments just got too large for
me to handle anymore. So now, I respond in my comments, like this.

I think that commenters are still rare in the blogosphere, and so it's
always a good idea to let them know how much their efforts are
appreciated. Like yours! Thanks for this comment!

Thank you so much for this post!!! It is going to be my inspiration for my presentation in my interview for Graduate School!!! This is exactly what I was looking for and is an amazing resource!

Thanks, Noelle! Good luck!

This was SUCH a great podcast! And the timing is just perfect too. Now that the move to St. Louis is behind me I'm back to my blog (and life!) and with a fresh sheet of new year paper in front of me I'm excited to refocus my marketing efforts. Sister D, I'll never forget how you sent me a little Kanzashi care package during such a stressful and craft dry period this fall. I'm living proof that this stuff works! And hey, don't forget the friends you'll make along the engagement marketing way that you won't likely make with broadcast marketing. You are my hero!

Happy New Year, Kathleen! You're so right - engagement marketing does
let us strike up friendships with nice people. Like you!

Thank you for the great advice! I heard about this podcast in Craftzine & decided to check it out. I'm glad I did. Not only did I listen to the whole podcast & got some good tips, but I decided to purchase one of your helpful books! Thanks for posting this informative piece.

Thank you so much! And thank you indeed for your ebook order. I hope
you find it useful, too!

Thank you, Tara! Since you were featured in Gary Vaynerchuck's book,
your compliment means a lot!

Oh, Diane, you NAILED it! Such a perfectly concise description of all the business-y stuff swirling around in my head!

Thank you so much . Listening to this Crafty pod was a very new experience for me. I learnrd a lot about Engagement Marketing and how it is different from advertising. I'll try to implement what I had learned. And may be buy one of your books soon.


I'm so glad you found the show useful, Dita. Thanks for commenting.
Happy New Year!

This was so helpful to listen to. It really got me thinking about how to focus. Thank you!

I discovered your podcasts about a month ago: I download things onto my IPod to listen to at the gym..Well, yours REALLY hit the spot. I've listened to it three more times and have now taken notes on it. I don't run a craft business or create any craft products. I DO run an artist licensing business, and now am also spending more and more time blogging (www.libbywilkiedesigns.com) I found your comments so very helpful: I come from a marketing background so am always looking at that aspect of the internet and social media. My blog readership is growing... but not fast enough for my taste... so I read all I can and really try to incorporate what I feel is useful. I may well do a post on this subject in the very near future. Thanks SO much!

I'm very familiar with technology and the Internet but I'm new to running and promoting a crafting business. Your podcast helped remind me of things I'd forgotten or had just stopped emphasizing, or even things that I was doing without a lot of thought and could do much better. Thanks for the kick in the pants. :)

Thank YOU, Dee! I'm thrilled you found it helpful!

Thanks for stopping by! I'm glad you enjoyed the post.

In case this is helpful - a key way to bring more readers to your blog is to do exactly what you've done here: read and comment on other people's blogs. The blogosphere is so crowded at this point, those little acts of reaching out one-to-one have amazing results. And at the same time, they begin to build a community around your blog.