How to Make a Simple V-Day Sachet

26 Jan 2010

I should say: I'm not much for Valentine's Day itself, but the crafts are always pretty. I was playing around with felt recently and came up with this simple, non-frilly sachet. Easy to whip up if you need little gifties.

You might have everything you need to make these in your stash: two 6" squares of woven fabric, and some felt scraps. I made mine with seven colors of felt, but the design would also be cool if all the layers were the same color.

You'll also want a water-soluble marker and some good fabric scissors. And a heart template - I made mine by folding some card stock and cutting a heart freehand. You could also trace around a cookie cutter.

So first, you'll want to cut some hearts out of your felt. And these hearts need to be graduated in size, so the hearts get a little smaller with each layer. I figured out a nice, lazy way to do this.

Start by tracing the full-size heart onto the first color of felt, and cutting it out. This will be the bottom-most heart on the finished sachet.

Then, you can fold your template in half again and cut away about 1/8". You can do this freehand - the hearts don't have to be perfectly-sized.

Once you've shaved this bit away, open the template back up and trace it on the second color of felt. Cut that one out.

...And then repeat these two steps with the rest of the felt colors. Each heart will be slightly smaller than the one before it.

Next, take the smallest heart - this is the one that will be on top of the stack in the finished sachet. Use a ruler and a water-soluble marker to draw a line down the center. You'll use this line as a stitching guide in a moment.

Stack all the hearts up on one of the fabric squares. Arrange them so they're reasonably centered on top of each other, but don't worry too much about it.

Center the stack of hearts on the fabric.

Take this to your sewing machine, and place all these layers under the presser foot. (You might need to press the felt down with your fingers to help it fit.)

Before you begin stitching, take a moment to make sure your hearts are still stacked in a fairly centered stack, and that they're centered on the fabric square.

Sew your way down the center of the heart, following that line you drew earlier. Be sure to backstitch a couple times at the start and end of the seam.

Next, pin the two fabric squares together, with right sides together and the hearts to the inside.

Head back to the sewing machine and sew around all four sides, using a 4/8" seam allowance. Leave a nice, big opening in one side, because you'll need a lot of room to turn those hearts to the outside! Notice how I sewed just enough around those two bottom corners so they'd be nice and sharp, but I left most of that side open? That's the way.

Clip off the four corners.

Turn the sachet right-side out. Poke a chopstick into the corners, so they're nice and sharp. And then turn the raw edges to the inside and press them.

Fill your sachet with something nice, like dried lavender, dried rose buds, or cedar shavings. Don't fill it too full! The sachet should lay pretty flat even when stuffed.

With the sachet filled, slip stitch the opening closed.

If you like, you can sew a contrasting zig zag around the edges of the sachet. Try to press the filling material out of the needle's way as you sew.

(You could also embroider a design around the edges.)

And finally, use a moistened cotton swab or washcloth to remove that stitching line.

Give the hearts a little "fluffing." You might also want to trim their edges a bit here and there, if they need it.

And that's that! Hope you like!


Thank you for stopping by the blog, Beta! I appreciate you sharing the
link with your readers. Happy Valentine's Day!

You know what... It IS a needlebook/pincushion! Great idea!

When I saw the picture without reading the article I thought, "Ooh! Cute needle book/pincushion combo!"

Just getting caught up on your blog, Diane, and am so sorry I missed this sweet project before V-Day. I love the contrast of the neutral linen with the bright felt--it's just lovely!

Thank you so much, Kim! One of the commenters here suggested using an
egg shape, so this could easily be an Easter sachet, too! :-)

Gracias, está clarísima la explicación , está lindo para regalar para esta fecha.
Gracias y saludos

Thanks for this beautiful idea! I have thought about sharing it with my readers and I hope you are not sorry if I have inserted her in my post of S. Valentine ( If you had to not make you like I will handle to remove the link to your blog. Regards, Beta

its very pretty :D

OOh, right you are! Good idea, Beth!

Super cute idea! This would make a cute pillow as well! Love it :)

Thanks, Meg!

Very cute! I like the different shades of pink and red. Monochromatic projects make me a little happy :)

I'm with you Sister D. Not a huge fan of the V Day pressures, so we skip it at our house and use it to celebrate our dogs' birthdays instead! Since they are rescues we don't really know the dates, so we use V Day just to party, but not feel the forced romance manipulation. ANYWAY! Down off the soap box I have to say that these would be adorable to give to your fav yarn shop owner, girls at the office, or mailman/lady! AND you could easily change the motif to a flower for spring/Easter!

True that! You could make a leaf shape on Earth Day, or an egg at
Easter, or a star on 4th of July. I love your idea of a flower motif.
Now I need to get out all my cookie cutters and play with more shapes!

Aw, I love that you celebrate your doggies' birthdays.

I love it! I love V-day only because of the crafts. I'll add this one to my list. :)

I know! A kanzashi flower!

Heh - Oh, yeeeeaaaah, those! :-)

This is SO adorable !!! LOVE LOVE IT!!

I am thinking this would make a perfect ornament!

Sweet! I love Amelia's idea to use it as a needle book, since my current storage method (too many locations!) means I can rarely find the size needle I have in mind.

That is super cute! I love the look of those stacked hearts. Thanks so much for sharing, I'll be linking.

Thanks so much, Rachel!

very cute! i've shared your site with lots of my gurlfrenz .. just discovered Crafty Pod .. loving it! frannie

Awww these is soo utterly cute!

ummmm what do you do if you dont have a sewing machine?

Well, Macy, you can try hand-sewing the sachet, but I think the felt hearts really need the tight stitch line that a sewing machine creates. Sorry.

This is so cute. I am going to try this for Valentines day for sure!

Thank you, Diana! :-)

Thank you so very, very, very much for wonderful instructions. I love your web site/blog. Finally a blog with step by step instructions with pictures. Pictures help me so much more, then typed only. I get a better understanding of how to do things when there is pictures. God bless you and thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Wow but this is beautiful ideas!!! I mail you from Italy wow wow wow. Here we said Brava!!!!

Grazie Mille! :-)

Thank you so much, Kim! One of the commenters here suggested using an
egg shape, so this could easily be an Easter sachet, too! :-)

Just getting caught up on your blog, Diane, and am so sorry I missed this sweet project before V-Day. I love the contrast of the neutral linen with the bright felt--it's just lovely!

love it ! great idea and so many others ! thanks ! shame it s not in french for all my mumpreneurs friends (talking about your guides on ebooks) ! but if you need any help in translation, think of me !

So pretty- and I love that this isn't too frilly. All those colors of felt stacked up look great!

I love it!!!!! Thanks for sharing.

I love this......
hugs from Brazil!!!

Love this, also all the suggestions for flwers instead of hearts.
off to the craft shop for felt. Thank you so much for sharing. J