Giveaway: Leethal Connect the Dots Stitch Set

27 Jan 2010

Woo-Hoo! The ever-talented Lee has offered up one of her Connect-the-Dots Stitch Sets to give away on this here blog.

I think these are absolutely brilliant. Part embroidery, part game. You begin with a piece of numbered cloth. Pop it in your hoop, stitch from one number to the next, and watch the image appear.

What's even cooler is, each stitch set comes with five designs to embroider, but four of them are a mystery - you have to stitch them to find out what they are!

You can win your choice of one of Lee's four stitch sets - just leave a comment here and tell me which of your favorite crafts feels most game-like to you. I'll choose a winner at random on Saturday, January 30. International readers, you're most welcome to enter.

...And incidentally, if you link over here and scroll down, you'll find a free connect-the-dots pattern to print out and try!

UPDATE: Congratulations to Ellynz, our winner! Emailing you for shipping instructions....



bead stitching. I work with a limited number of bead sizes and shapes, and just a few stitching techniques, but put them together correctly and you can do so many different things!

This is a brilliant idea! I've been wanting to go back to embroidery, one of the best ways I had to get the adults around me to think I was a proper girl back when I was not quite proper, though I was a girl. The mysterious nature of these kits adds the fun I liked then (and still do) to civilized stitching. It's enough to make a grown-up girl find those long-neglected embroidery needles!

I guess coming up with craft ideas for my girl scouts is kind of a game. Certainly a roll of the dice...will they enjoy it, will it go off without a hitch, will it be inexpensive...and I never know til the meeting is over whether I've won or not.

Any craft can be like a game when done with kids! ;)

Scrapbooking. It is like a game finding everything that coordinates w/ your photos, papers, embellishments, etc & also tells a story.

I've done some freehand embroidery (no pattern) before, and that's a game in that I never know what I'm going to draw/write/make, and sometimes I hate it and sometimes I love it, but I always have fun with it!

I LOVE THIS! i have wanted to learn/ try this... and here it is a game!
so cool.

My favorite craft/creative thing that is my favorite to do and feels like a game is anything involving paint. Especially painting in my journal, etc because i never know the end result until I am done.

And it helps relieve stress!

These sets are such an awesome idea!

I'd say that for me the time when crafting most often feels like a game is when I'm participating in a topical challenge. Whatever the craft, trying to find a unique way to interpret the topic is really fun and engaging for me.

I think the craft that feels most like a game is photography. Doing project 365 has really made me think outside the box and get creative to find the best, interesting pictures.

I think crochet is a game. A game that I cannot understand, like bridge or hearts.

I'm VERY amused by the timing of this question, because what I was doing yesterday is the most game-like thing I've done in months... though more suited to Halloween. I made and aged a label for Soul of Auditor and then hung it on an emptied glass medicine bottle. At work. The only thing I brought with me was the bottle...

Any craft feels like a game when you don't have the proper tools, and have to improvise to get where you want to go!

How fun! I'd say anything I craft for the kids feels like a game - or at least is a lot of fun!

very cute!! i guess making bottle cap magnets is the most game like- I love waiting for the "sand" to melt so you can see your picture again! :)

I did a mystery knit-along for a huge shawl... only a few clues were given out and it was a surprise every week! Plus it kept me knitting every day to keep up with the clues!
Love these sets!

Wow, these are fabulous! What a great idea! I think I feel like a lot of crafting is a game. Either you are trying out a pattern that someone else created and trying to make it your own, or you're making something you have never made and figuring it out as you go along.

Wow, this IS a brilliant idea! Sometimes the game in crafting is in figuring out how to make what I am trying to make. For example, I make dolls from used clothing. It feels kind of like a game designing the dolls and making the little details and figuring out how to incorporate certain aspects of the worn clothing, while working around a stain or a rip.

How cute are those! I find paper-crafts to be the most game like. I especially like making instant books.

how fun! To me designing a new quilt is the most gamelike, drawing out the pattern on graph paper (I know, I'm old fashioned!) drawing it again using different colors, making the same pattern up three or four times in different fabrics to see how it changes... fun!

I definitely feel like knitting is a game for me - lots of counting, moving in patterns, and at the end a prize!

Oooh! I want these to give to my favorite crafty small child---this idea seems like it would work really well as teaching tool---helping a kid control the stitches without taking the fun out it.

Most of my crafting feels like a game---well, fun anyway. The most gamelike feeling lately is figuring out how to do what I want from my stash without buying new materials---the limiting "rule" forcing me to pay more attention to what's on hand, and giving me a sense of aha! accomplishment when I do figure out what will work.

I think that coming up with craft projects my kids will participate in feels most like a game. Sometimes I think I've got a perfect activity and they're totally disinterested and other times a spur of the moment idea will keep them engaged for an hour or more. Exciting!

Sewing most feels like a game to me - I always feel like I'm not doing it right so it becomes a game to see if the item I am trying to sew comes out right.

Wow I would love this! I really want to get into embroidering and this looks like a fun way to do it. My current favorite craft game is sewing from a pattern - all these random pieces come together and (hopefully) make something snazzy at the end!

What a clever idea and so cute! I think cross-stitching is my craft that comes closest to being a game. It certainly has the linear feel and the structure of "rules" that accompany a game.

Craft=game??? Hmmm. I think collage is a sort of game. Kinda like putting a puzzle together. But one of your own design and materials . .

I loved connect the dots as a kid. I think painting seems most game-ish to me. I usually paint at the same time my kids are painting and I have zero expectations that something I paint will be good/functional/whatever so it is pure fun.

Connect the dots! How fun! I think quilting for me is like a puzzle, cutting and sewing pieces together is a fun game.

Anything that requires me using a gluegun, because afterwards I have to play "doctor" with my burnt fingers! :)

Crocheting really feels like a game for me sometimes Especially going in rounds and having to keep track of increases.

these are so cool!! crocheting hats is like a game to me. i am always making it up as i go, so it is fun to see how it turns out!

I knit, crochet, cross-stitch, embroider, and sew. I think the most game-like thing I do is reverse engineering a pattern from an item I saw in a store or in a tv show or a movie. It's like putting a puzzle together... taking all of these different elements and then seeing your end result. Very cool!

i think photoshopping and the other computer programs I use for crafting make me feel like one of those flight simulators, what with all the palates/modules. especially when i upload a picture and it comes out a cross stitch pattern.

I would say that would be liberated quilting, al la the style of Freedy Moran and Gwen Marston or crazy quilts. Both are game like in that they encourage playing with materials and stitches in such a way that the results are sometimes quite surprising.

I'd have to say scrapbooking. I make 'junked up' journals with pics and found objects, sometimes including game pieces. Also, when shopping for supplies (intentionally or not) I love it when I score!

Knitting is like a game for me, either adapting a pattern for a custom fit or to match gauge, or finishing one section in order to begin the next section.

Knitting is like a game for me, either adapting a pattern for a custom fit or to match gauge, or finishing one section in order to begin the next section.

I'd have to say scrapbooking. I make 'junked up' journals with pics and found objects, sometimes including game pieces. Also, when shopping for supplies (intentionally or not) I love it when I score!

Love Love Love the unicorn. Been looking for something crafty to redo my daughter's room in. This is totally it! Thanks for sharing!