Don't Miss Out: Craft Blog Tune-Up!

15 Mar 2010

Hi, everyone - just a quick note today.

You have just two more days to sign up for my next session of Craft Blog Tune-Up. Class begins Wednesday morning.

If you want your blog to be prettier, or have more readers, or help market your crafty business, or become a crafty business, this class can help you.

Get all the deets, and register, right over here.

We have such a nice group forming for this round! Hope you can join us.

Updated to add: You can also enter Imene's giveaway - she'll be giving away one free seat in this class. The drawing is Tuesday, so hurry!



Woo-Hoo! So am I! Glad you're in this group!

This class is definitely for me! I am already learning, with just the intro and pre-class information. Looking forward to our first session on Wednesday!

Hopefully I'll be able to some time soon, though alas I can't budget this one in. Have fun, everyone!

No worries, Corvus - I totally understand.

You can enter to possibly win a free spot here:
(The drawing is tomorrow!)