Making Stuff with Chocolate

28 Mar 2010


Ooooh, what a fun time we had this weekend! Peggy of Chocolate Craft Studio opened her doors to a group of PDX crafty types, and we spent a blissful couple hours making stuff from chocolate.


Peggy offers an incredible array of chocolate shapes to play with - flat ones and dimensional ones, some decorated with shimmer, some with chocolate "paint." Her skills with chocolate are just incredible.


Here are some lovely eggs in progress that Sally made. We had a great time with all manner of decorating bits - brush-on luster powders, sprinkles, tiny candies...


...And you can glue pieces of chocolate together with Peggy's special "chocolate glue." Here, Holly's constructing a really cool dimensional plaque.


Heather constructed this sailing ship out of a half-egg, and then decorated some sails with white chocolate "glue."


Look at this adorable diorama Susan built! Those tiny mushrooms are amazing.


Here's another one, by Sally. Wondering what the bunny, grass, and tiny flowers are made of?


...It's a wonder-material called modeling chocolate! Eats like candy, models like clay. Hoooooooo, boy, is this stuff fun.


Here's what I made with it. The wavy green ribbon was Lee's idea. I only know how to make simple petals and leaves.


Kathy, on the other hand, has skillz. That lacy chocolate butterfly? Made from chocolate glue. I am not worthy.


Here are all our creations collected together - and it's thanks to Mom's presence of mind that we were able to get this shot.


Heh - here's what happens when you get a bunch of bloggers together! :-)

There are SO many cool things in this group! If you want a closer look, there's a Flickr group in progress (thanks, Susan!) to which we'll all be adding our photos.


Locals, be sure to check out the studio sometime. What an awesome place to do a bridal shower, girls' night out, or birthday party!

If you aren't local, Peggy also ships chocolate craft kits and modeling chocolate sets from her website.


That chocolate look too yummy for me to work with :)

i love the look of that house :) always a good time when there is chocolate

That looks like an awesome way to spend an afternoon. I'll have to add it to my "when I make it to Portland" trip. The list is getting so long that I'll have to work out a road trip as soon as I can afford it.

PDX waits to entertain you! :-)

Apparently, the only thing we can't do here is bask in 70 degree weather in March. :-)

Making with Chocolate at Peggy's Chocolate Studio is always great fun, but add this group of amazing crafty women and playing at "Peggy's house" became the very best play date ever! I will not soon forget this most excellent day!

mmm. i don't think i'd get anything made because i'd eat all the chocolate!

Heh! It smelled So. Very. Good. in there!

That looks like so much fun! Is there ANYTHING you can't do in Portland? I love it!

I'm addicted to chocolate! Oh how I wish I was there with you making (and eating) those beautiful chocolate crafts!

OMG, food art is the best! But it is so hard to eat them because they are so pretty. But there is definitely some satisfaction to biting the bunnies head off. *=o)

Boy, if I could, Rebecca, I'd transport everyone to this place. What an amazing playtime we'd all have!

Oh man! Wish I was there. That looked like ridiculously sinful amounts of fun! Some awesome people, too! Your creations are all beautiful. Then, there was that cute studio! Thanks for sharing!
Rebecca of the R&W Gals

I love how the studio is painted like a wee chocolate house! Especially that dark chocolate door. Looks like fun, chocolate as an art medium is something I've never tried. I don't think I could finish anything, I'd eat it all in process.

Thanks for inviting me! I had a blast. This was such a cool experience!

Seriously, Rebecca - if I could, I would transport everyone in the
blogosphere there! :-) Oh, the chocolatey, crafty time we'd all have!

what an amazing way to spend a day! especially with fellow blogger friends! I love your flower bouquet. And that diorama is pretty cool too. I would love to try this with friends someday.

Thank you! It really is a fun medium to play with - and Peggy has ALL the cool tools. :-)

HAHAHA! The creations are amazing, but my favorite in this post is the blogger photo. So very very true to life.

Man. I'm so hungry now.
I want to be at the next one! Tell me when you're meeting again!!

I just joined the group. Because I'm awesome.

I love that photo of you guys taking pix for your blogs!!

okay, I'm going to try to get over this a bit so I can go back to work...

Okay, my mouth is literally watering! Looks like SUCH a great way to spend an afternoon or whenever. The antique-y picture frame caught my eye... love me some swirls and of course, solid chocolate goodness!