Backing Up Your Blog's Images

05 Apr 2010

This post is part of a great big tome today on how to back up your blog. It's part of the Archive-Along. This section covers how to back up the images on your blog.

(To back up the rest of your blog, read this if you use a free blog like Blogger. Read this if you host your own blog.)


If you have a free blog and you upload your images through your blog's template, then you're storing them on Blogger's servers (or, Wordpress's servers.) You'll still need back up copies in case those servers fail.

If you have a web hosting account and host your blog there, same thing - servers can fail, so you need those back ups.

And if you store your images in a web-based archive like Flickr, you should know that if that website fails, you could easily lose all your images. POOF!

So, it's wise to keep back up copies of all the images you post to your blog. You probably have back up copies on your computer's hard drive. It would be even smarter to keep back up copies somewhere outside your computer, too - whether that be on a set of CDs, DVDs, or an external hard drive.

Here's how I manage it:

I keep a Blog Images folder on my computer all the time. As I add images to my blog, they go into this folder. Then, about once a month, I rename this folder with today's date, and drag it to my external hard drive.

Then I go back to my computer, clean the images out of the original file, and rename it again as Blog Images. (This practice has the side-benefit of keeping those images from filling up my computer's hard drive.)

You can also use software like FlickrEdit to pull a back up copy of your entire Flickr archive.



Excellent advice! I hadn't thought of this. I do have my most of images stored, but that's most, not all. Some of them I've edited but not necessarily saved in this manner. Thanks for the advice!