Giveaway: Books & Bouquet Kits for Mother's Day

22 Apr 2010

newsheer_cover_front Magnolia

If you're looking for a crafty Mother's Day gift, look no more. The nice people at New Sheer Creations have generously donated three (count 'em!) giveaway prizes.

Up for grabs here three sets - one copy of The Art of Handmade Flowers instruction book, plus one of New Sheer's bouquet kits. We have one Magnolia kit (pictured above), one Tulip kit (pictured below), and one Butterfly kit (pictured below).

tulip newsheer_cover_front

New Sheer's approach to the Japanese art of nylon flower-making is really easy and fun. I blogged about it a while back, and have an ever-growing stash of wires and nylon. (Also, if you're looking for beautiful floral stamens at great prices, visit their website for sure.)

newsheer_cover_front Butterfly

So, to enter to win one of these sets, leave a comment below and tell me why your Mom is awesome. (And also, tell me which kit she'd like.)

I'll draw a winner at random on Monday, April 26th. Sorry, this giveaway must be limited to U.S. readers only.

Good Luck! And tell your Mom I said Hi.



My Mom is awesome because she loves her granddaughters even more than she loves me. The magnolia would be wonderful for her.

My mum is awesome because she has always be a great support for all of us, even when she was not really OK with our choices. She is also a fabulous grandma for our children.
I think that she would love the butterfly set.

O.K Now your goina make me cry! I lost my Moma in 2003, and I still miss her. She would have liked the tulip as it is the sign of spring for her.

Sheri from KY

Mom says hi back atcha :) My mom is awesome because she put with so much from me as a teenager....I never truly appreciated how hard her job was....she was a single mom, working full time and dealing with one rebellious teenage girl who thought she knew it all. Now I have a teenager just like I only hope I have learned something along the way....

My mother is the kindest and most generous person I know. I think she would like the magnolia.

my mom is awesome in all ways, and its a shame I didn't realize that until I had grown up and moved out of her house!

My mom is awesome because she agreed to be my co-leader for girl scouts when no one else would do it! Plus she would love the tulip because our heritage is Dutch!

My mom is awesome because she raised us on her own, she's always supportive and confident that I could do whatever I wanted (even a professional artist/crafter if I wanted to). And she just took up knitting for the fist time in her life! She'd like the tulip set (it would remind her of her own Mother who loved tulips. Magnolia would be second- the magnolia tree in her yard just died this year).

Great giveaway (I remember your original post about these), thanks for the chance to win!

She is awesome because she puts up with me.


My mother is awesome as she has prayed for, toiled and raised us kids even when she felt like giving up. She is also helping us kids now with raising advice for our own children. Much needed and wanted advice. We can learn from her experience.... She is a fab mum.
She would like the butterfly kit

My mum is awesome for so many reasons, but I'll try and keep it short and sweet! One thing that springs to mind is the fact that she taught me to knit and sew and always made sure I had whatever crafting material I was into at the time as I was growing up. Everything from beads, to wax, to wool, to material, to wood even! I'd love if she could win the tulip set as she's just had to throw her tulip bunch onto the compost heap and unfortunately there's no more growing in the garden.

What a great giveaway! My mom would want the tulip kit i think. My mom is so awesome because she is one tough cookie, but nothing is more important to her than family. She's instilled that value in me too and I am a better person for it.

My mom is awesome because she supported me in all my endevors. She was my biggest cheerleader, but also helped keep me grounded in reality. It is because of her that I am the mom I am today. she would like the magnolia kit.

she is proud of me

My mom was the best because she allowed me to be me.If I win...the tulip is my choice.

I bought a yellow dragonfly that was made this way, many years ago in Okinawa, Japan. It traveled with our family and always went in the bathroom. Alas, it didn't survive our last overseas tour. I would love to make a new one for each of my daughters, because they will always remember the yellow dragonfly.

My mom is my best friend, and we've grown really close over the past few years. She just moved overseas a couple months ago on her own, and left all of us "kids" behind. I'm so happy for her for the experience she's gaining, but it's been difficult adjusting to her not being around anymore. Anyway, her favorite flowers happen to be magnolias, so she would definitely like that kit :)

My daughter received a kit to color these flowers with chalk and when she decided she didn't like it, I gave it a whirl. What fun!