Mom and I Do a Giveaway for Mother's Day

03 May 2010


With Mother's Day coming up (FAST!), my Mom and I decided to co-host a giveaway. She's contributing something, and I'm contributing something.

My contribution is a set of four goodies I made on the Crafty Chica Cruise. They are...


One button bouquet, perfect for a desktop vase.


One reconstructed T-shirt pillow, ready for stuffing. (It has the cruise logo on the back!)


One wooden shrine, covered in glitter, buttons, and assorted pretties.


One hand-drawn silk scarf.

And then Mom is contributing...


... A copy of her ebook, (Not So) Sweets - so you can also make your Mom something yummy and low-sugar, and then give her the book.

So - one lucky winner gets all this bounty. To enter the drawing, post a comment here (or on Mom's blog) and tell us what your plans are for Mother's Day. We'll draw a winner on Wednesday, May 5th, noon PST. There's every possibility that you'll receive these prizes in the mail after Mother's Day - but you can always make your Mom a card and let her know they're coming.

(International readers, you're more than welcome to enter!) Good Luck!

UPDATE: Congratulations to our two winners! Holly, who commented at Mom's blog, won the prize pack. And Bonnita, who commented here, won a second prize of a copy of the ebook!


I'll be doing wedding planning with my Mom this weekend. We're designing the invitations ourselves!

They flower buttons are adorable! Look like they would be an easy craft project. Thanks for shaing that

Love the shrine..... thanks for the ideas and pick me....

My Mom lives with the angles and I never had kids -- so I'll think of my Mom and be grateful for theyears we had together.

I don't really have plans for mothers day, I might call mom if I remember (I should really write down the date lol). she would probably love the cook book tho, she has been baking a lot of pies to sell at a market :)

Well, I'm in Europe, so our Mother's day was back in March. I've been studying for my degree in chemistry the last 4 years, throughout which my mom paid my rent. She didn't want me to have to work a part-time job throughout my undergrad, she wanted me to be able to give it my all, which I did. I started my Phd 6 months ago, and for the first time as well as not having to take money off my mum, I have a little extra to buy her a decent present. For Mother's Day I ordered her a teapot by a cookware company she loves, Le Creuset. I ordered it a few days before Mother's day, expecting the usual day or 2 for processing the order, then another for getting it in the post, and so on. I asked the seller to please include a note saying Happy Mother's day from Michelle, as otherwise my mother was liable to think this teapot just came out of nowhere. The seller emailed me back nearly immediately to say how lovely it was to be sending my mum a proper gift in the post, and the next day my mum had her teapot! Well in advance of Mother's day. As promised, the seller had included a note, and also a blank invoice with no numbers. She did however, leave a price sticker on the bottom of the teapot, but I only noticed that when I went home to visit. Of course my mother had too much good taste to say anything about it. :) After all that? My mum is "saving" the teapot's first use for a special occasion!

Whoa, that got real long winded real fast. Sorry!

We are headed to my mother-in-law's house for the weekend and celebrating with garage sales on Saturday and church on Sunday. She's a diabetic, so I know she would LOVE that cookbook in particular!

I'm spending the day with my leading lady, my daughter, and feeling lucky to have the pleasure of being a mama :)

I'm sending my mom a special card and some alpaca fingerless gloves I knit. Due to poor circulation her hands are always cold. Also her favorite gift is anything handmade by her kids.

Having no kids of my own.... this is the only way I have to celebrate Mother's Day

Planting annuals with my 4 year old daughter. Happy Mom's day.

kathy cano-murillo sure knows how to help you girls party it up!! you made some awesome things.

For Mother's Day, I'm planning a brunch at my house for my Mom.
I's also like to go for a walk by the lake.....

For many years now my Mother and I go to the local gardening store and I buy a wagon full of whatever flowers she wants for her yard. Then we will probably go out to lunch.

A great give away! I have two adult daughters and we have a tradition of planting flowers at each daughter's house on Mother's Day. It is so much fun since they have their own homes and it is something we can do together. They don't feel confident to do the flowers so it is something I can still do for them!

Mother's day I will be in Las Vegas for Supercross finals!!! Having raised my beautiful three daughters and now they are raising their young families, I have 6 grand-kids! ...everyday is really mothers day for me...Not a day goes by that one of them doesn't call or email or text me or I go see them. After so many years of doing the traditional Mother's Day celebration I am going to Vegas to watch the racing that I love to watch!!!

Family Tradition is to do a big BBQ for Mom and invite Sisters, Aunts, Uncles, Neighbors, My Mom's friends. Have all the GrandKids and neighborhood kids stop in an eat, socialize, sing, dance and most of all Say, Thank you with Special Hugs to all the Mom's!! I usually make some kind of craft gift for Mom's at the Mother's day Celebration. This Year I was Very Honored to have meet a special lady on the CraftyChica Crusie who taught us how to make Kanzashi Flowers. Sister Diane , Thank you!! for sharing your talent and crafty spirit with all the Craftychica's aboard. ((((hugs)))) Blessings & Happy Crafting -Sylvia Alva :)

I plan to enjoy whatever my family has in store for me.. oh.. and I plan to go to church..

What a gorgeous giveaway. I am especially enamored with the pretty scarf.

For Mother's Day we sent our Mom's presents to Canada and now we just have me to worry about. We had planned out a day of shopping at my favorite antique shop and then a visit to the Architectural Selvage yard and Restore. Sadly we noticed our already purchased tickets to Nerdtacular (all day Iron Man - super hero event) is that same Saturday. So... I'm going to Iron Man. I'm a little bummed but the boys will have a blast and that makes me really happy too.

My daughters both have dance competitions this weekend. On Saturday we will be at one all day & then Sunday another one.

Many thanks for all your sharing.
Have you a craft to make out of discarded (or in my case saved) children's picture book dust jackets. The artwork is so awesome, there must be some bags or some item they can be transformed into? Many thanks. Jan

Jan Godown Annino Florida US

Hi, Jan - Wow, there are lots of fun possibilities for dust jackets! You can fold the paper into origami bowls or boxes, for example. You could fuse some iron-on vinyl to thicken and protect the paper, and then sew them into things like tote bags or zipper pouches. They can be decoupaged onto picture frames. You could glue them to cardstock and make greeting cards or flash cards.

What a great treasure trove to have!

THis will be my first year with none of my kids around for Mother's Day. I will be ok but I will surely miss them...

This will be my first Mother's Day without my kids now that the youngest is in college. I'll miss them!

What lovely items. I love those button flowers. I'm English so we've already celebrated Mother's Day back in March.

My mum and I live on different continents so I just had a big bunch of flowers sent to her.