CraftyPod #114: Building Creative Communities, with Marlo Miyashiro

07 May 2010

Sorry, this podcast is no longer available. You can still listen to some other free shows, or browse additional shows for sale.

In this show:

Marlo Miyashiro talks with me about building creative communities, and shares how she did it with Seattle's EtsyRAIN.

• We discuss the most important elements of a thriving creative community.

• ...And we talk about what a community leader can do when members express dislike for how a community is running.


• Visit EtsyRAIN online, learn about membership, and check out the Meetup group.

• Visit Marlo online, too!

• Learn more about the other members of the EtsyRAIN Leadership Team:



Thank you so much, Sister Diane! It was so fun chatting with you. Here's to all the awesome crafty communities and all their dedicated members who make it all possible! :D

So true, Hanna - community organizing isn't for the faint of heart!

(And, I cannot WAIT to get my copy of your zine!)

wonderful! Marlo and Diane, you're both brilliant! I love how everyone in the leadership team just fit, but I know there was a lot of subtle direction Marlo didn't give herself credit for.

Great podcast! Thank you both for all the great info on community building!

Thanks, Marcella! I so agree - groups can really "go off the rails" if there's no central, agreed-upon statement to keep things focused.

Nice work Marlo!

Sitting here cutting covers for my zine, hehe, and listening to your show. Interesting. I want to be apart of a community, but not lead it, I know that now. What a big work these girls put in!

I loved this interview! It makes me want to live in Seattle so I can be part of this fantastic sounding team :-)

Thanks so much, Alice! Glad you enjoyed it!

I very much liked the idea of starting with a mission statement. I believe it is a vital part in the "doing" involved in creative communities. Thanks for a great podcast!