If you need some help with your blog...

26 May 2010


I recently launched a cool one-on-one blog consultation thingy, and I'm really excited about it.

So, if you have a craft blog and you'd like some focused advice on how to tune it up, you can book a session with me. I'll research your blog in advance and prepare a list of recommendations and resources to fit your needs.

Then we'll do a 30-minute phone call or text chat (your choice) to discuss my ideas and your questions. After the call, I send you a nice printable roundup of what we talked about, complete with links (and screen shots, if needed).


The whole thing is designed to be really focused and affordable. So if you don't have time to take one of my online classes or read my ebooks, this might be a great option.

I've done these sessions with Deborah and Theresa, and really loved them. It's a fun way to get all nuts-and-bolts with one specific blog.

There are more details right over here. Email me if you want to get on the ol' calendar!



Thanks, Megs! They've been really fun to do.

What a really great thing this sounds Diane! Not surprised you're excited about it! It's something I could definitely do with for my blog one day. Though it doesn't sound like something you would do for someone in Australia??! what with a 30min phone call? lol. Shame...
Best of luck with it all.

Actually, this is totally doable, since I call our through Skype. It makes a 30-minute call cost me only pennies. And the 16-or-so-hour time difference can usually be worked out - though we'd be speaking to each other from different days. :-)

What an awesome idea! I am sure you will help a ton of people..and the great part is they get to talk to you personally :)

I really love this service you are offering! Having taken three classes from you now, I just know this will be worth any amount of money you are charging. I hope to take you up on this offer very soon. To anyone else out there considering this, go for it - you won't be sorry!

Thank you, Terri - I really appreciate that!

That sounds very cool!

OH wow! I just traveled over to your blog after reading Handmade Marketplace by Kari Chapin and I'm so glad I did. I can't wait to really dive into it, plus the podcasts. How fun!! You may be getting an email from me about this blog consultation, I could REALLY use that :)

Thanks so much for stopping by, Julie! Hope you enjoy the podcasts - there's a lot in there for crafty businesses. Feel free to email me if you run into any questions along the way...

fantastic, diane! i loved the tune-up course. i could see you offering 'package' consults too. where you'd then schedule additional follow-ups in advance to keep on track! i hope lots of bloggers take you up on this!

Thank you, Kendra! I so enjoyed having you in that class!

Disclaimer! I was not paid to make this comment! Just so you know! But from one who knows first hand, I have to put my two cents worth in and say - Diane is an excellent instructor! Getting a one on one with her is pure gold!

If she can take a yellow, legal pad loving geek from a point of being a completely blank slate computer wise, and teach her to create tutorials and post them, think what she can do with someone who already knows stuff!

Heh heh - remember how much you used to hate computers? :-)