Tune up your crafty biz this Summer with these online classes...

11 Jun 2010

In addition to my upcoming classes this Summer, I thought you might like to know about some other excellent opportunities to gain crafty-biz knowledge from very talented people…

Laura Bray is offering an online course called Easy Ezines, which starts on June 15th (that's next Tuesday). As Laura says,

"I have been sending Ezines (or electronic newsletters) out to artists and crafters for over five years.  I also used them when I ran my Human Resources company.  And almost without fail, I make money or get a lead for new business each time I send one out.  I think, next to blogging, ezines are one of the least expensive and most effective ways to market yourself and your business."

I've been involved in Laura's Multiple Streams of Income classes in the past, and I can attest that she's a very thorough and involved teacher, who knows her stuff. You can get in on this course right over here.


Kari Chapin, author of  The Handmade Marketplace, is offering an eight-week online course based on the book. It begins June 21st. She says,

"…We can work together as a team, as you get your handmade business up and running. Doesn’t that sound like fun? Plus, we’ll build a little community of like minded folks and together as a group we’ll be able to support and interact with one another. Once we put all of our collective super powers together in one space – The sky will be the limit when it comes to your success!"

Kari has so much great value to offer, as evidenced in her wonderful book. You can sign up for this course over here.


Tara Swiger recently had a teleclass called Pricing Your Handmade Awesomeness, and you can still get a sweet MP3 + PDF package with all the info covered in the class. Based on the public Twitter chat I visited after the class, I know there's lots of super-helpful stuff to be had here - I learned a ton about pricing in just that short chat.

Order your copy right over here.

I'm loving seeing all these great indie learning opportunities emerge in our community! They're a great way to grow your skills and support fellow crafters at the same time. WIN!



Thanks for the blog love!

Okay, they all look so great. And I know these women by reputation and know they will be fabulous. It's impressive that more people are offering their knowledge in this way. Would that I had a shop right now; I'd be on that ezine class like a duck on a junebug.

(technical term)