Ebook Review: Stitching Borders and Beyond

23 Jun 2010

It's always fun to see a new crafty ebook be born. Carina Envoldsen-Harris has just released her second one, Stitching Borders and Beyond.

(Remember her first ebook, Small Stitches?)

Carina's done another beautiful job here, offering up detailed instructions for 12 stitches that make beautiful embroidered borders, plus 10 patterns you can use to make projects like these. As the book says:

"Pretty much anything will look better with a bit of embroidery. A cardigan that needs freshening up, tea towels, pillows or curtains."

I love these designs, don't you? This is a great ebook for people who've had a bit of embroidery experience already - you'll want to be familiar with the Daisy stitch, cross stitch, and French knot. And what a simple way to customize all kinds of items!

Carina has also captured some of the unique benefits of digital publishing. She offers the embroidery diagrams in two sizes, and in some cases a mirrored version, so you have flexibility as you're creating your own projects. And she's created a left-handed version of the book.

If you visit the ebook's web page, you can download a free sample PDF pattern. You can also check out Carina's other gorgeous embroidery patterns.

Oh - and I should say, you can get this ebook at a special introductory price until July 15th. Which probably seems like a long time from now, but I assure you: it's in about twenty minutes.



I'm so happy to see this embroidery ebook and patterns. I was just listening to a podcast about this on another website about how people aren't doing it as much anymore. I know I for as long as I can remember that I have always loved to embroidery. So its good to see something like this.

Those stitches are gorgeous, I`m just starting into embroidery and I think I just might have to treat myself that this amazing ebook.


Wow! Embroidery is something I've been meaning to learn more about - or at least practice a bit of...but keep getting sidetracked with other projects. The stitching looks beautiful and I am so glad folks are sharing their knowledge...now that I think about it...although it's amazing how we can access so much information - especially ebooks that are pretty much instant. I find it interesting that now there's so much available, it's actually really hard to keep up with it all!

I would never in a million years attempt to do this, although, I really should learn. The stitches in this book look absolutely fantastic and would look awesome on a pillow on my couch!

As a lefty, I am loving the idea of a lefty version! How clever. And I'll bet there's a higher percentage of lefties in the craft community than the gen. population.