It's Mystery Art!

01 Jul 2010


I had more awesome mail this week! This is actually a mysterious piece of art from Kirsty Hall.

Let me back up a little… Kirsty is a very smart, very talented artist in the UK. (You may remember her from this podcast, where we discussed her project of making a drawing on an envelope every day in 2007.)


I love the unique way Kirsty looks at art and the online world. She recently spun that envelope project into an experimental hybrid sort of product.

If you order from her, here's what happens:

"Each envelope is completely unique and will consist of an envelope with your address on the front, a drawing on the back and a secret object, which might be another drawing, a letter, a photograph, a found object or something completely different."


I ordered one right away. I love the idea that this envelope will contain something secret and chosen just for me, and that it has another original drawing on the outside.

The whole project is designed to make art more accessible to people who may not normally buy art. I'm a fan of anything that takes the stuffy out of fine art and connects people with artists.

…But what's inside?


Ooh! This is beautiful! I have a cool blank book, and I can see this piece of art gracing the cover.


Kirsty mentioned to me that in some ways, this project has been "a bit of a stressful way to sell art." I asked her about this. She said:

"If someone is buying a known item, then they've already decided they like it. But with the envelopes both the buyer & I are taking a leap of faith. The buyer is trusting that I will send them something they like, even though it's a mystery."

Personally, I really love that leap-of-faith aspect. This was a momentous piece of mail to get, and delightful to open.

You can check this project out over here, and definitely, give Kirsty's blog a read. Her thoughts on art and life are always interesting.



That is beautiful and so fun not to know what you were going to get!

It's a cool idea indeed, and yes, who doesn't like a suprice in the mail?! I know I do. :-)

very cool :D great idea and that is a lovely piece of art. Surprises like are wonderful

Great to finally get a look at this on a bigger screen so I can see how the envelope was altered by the post office. How incredibly appropriate that they plastered the word 'free' on the front of your envelope. I didn't get to see the stamp either because the woman at the post office put it on as it was foreign mail.

I'm so glad that you enjoyed it and thanks once again for taking the time to document and blog it.

Thank YOU for such an innovative idea in art, Kirsty! I love the way you think about your work and the greater online landscape!