CraftyPod #118: Why Your Story is Everything, with Tara Gentile

02 Jul 2010

The Book - AUTO.BIO.GRAPHY 10/12
Image by REMY SAGLIER - DOUBLERAY, via Flickr Creative Commons

Sorry, this podcast is no longer available. You can still listen to some other free shows, or browse additional shows for sale.

In this show:

Tara Gentile and I talk about the power of personal stories - and why they're such an important way to set your crafty business apart from the crowd.

• Where can you find the elements of story in your business? And how do you go about telling it?

• ...And why can't you just tell people about your product and be done with it?


• Check out Tara's website to learn more about her web work and small-business consulting.

• If you don't read Scoutiegirl already, I think you'd really enjoy it.

• ...And here's Tara's ebook, Storytelling for Creative Biz Success.



wow great Ipod cast. I'm new at blogging and Ipod's... so I'm on cloud 9.

Thanks so much for stopping by, Muriel! I'm so glad you enjoyed the show!

Hello! I very much enjoyed this post (:Thanks for having such an informative, helpful podcast! I'll be following the blog now.

Awesome- thank you so much, Katie!

amazing info. it really reaffirmed some of my opinions about blogging, and gave me better focus.

Hi, I'm late to the party but thanks so much for this interview. It was great and just what I needed. I look forward to finding more goodies on your site!
be well,