A New (To Me) Market

03 Jul 2010

Portland Farmer's Market, 7/3/10

For a little change of pace, we hopped the train to the downtown Portland Farmer's Market this morning. It was my first time visiting this market, and - wow! Why did I wait so long?!

Portland Farmer's Market, 7/3/10

We're at the peaky peak-peak of berry season right now, and they're piled up everywhere. I scored some raspberries (for muffins, with a little shaved 86% cacao chocolate) and some blueberries (for pancakes, tomorrow morning).

Portland Farmer's Market, 7/3/10

The Portland market draws more specialty vendors than we get at our Westside markets. We had a grew time perusing local eggs, fresh-pressed cider, meats, honey, and on and on.

Portland Farmer's Market, 7/3/10

…Cuh-razy crowded, though.

Portland Farmer's Market, 7/3/10

Because you all are so excellent, I scored some fennel to cook this week! Thank you for all the amazing recipe ideas. I'm really excited to do a little culinary adventuring.

Portland Farmer's Market, 7/3/10

As always, if you want to see my other pics from this morning (and especially, if you want to see a very large number of photographs of berries, check out my 2010 Farmer's Market set.

Hope y'all have a splendid holiday (U.S, at least) weekend! I'm off to play with my produce.


yep. need to live in Portland.

sweet peas? they are gorgeous :)

Ooh, look at all that fresh food goodness!

Mmmmmmm... :-)

Yes! There were sweet peas everywhere this week. Such a pretty fragrance.

I love the downtown farmer's market! In addition to the usual suspects, you can find the people helping people start urban chicken coops, the beneficial insect guy, constant good music, cooking demonstrations, gardening stuff as well as all the produce, food, preserves and other tons of stuff.... Really wonderful!!

Aw, man! I missed the beneficial insect guy entirely.

What a wonderful display of gorgeous produce! How lucky to have these markets nearby, lovely for eating and photographing too!
I'm looking forward to catching up on all your posts here!