Do you know people who can help your business grow?

15 Jul 2010

There are so many cool things going on behind the scenes over here. Today, I'm stoked to be able to share one of them!

Tara Swiger and I are teaming up to teach a really fun teleclass next month. It's called Who You Know, and it's about finding and building relationships with those influential folks who can help your business.

This whole idea of "Who You Know" is indeed a little challenging. Most of us would like to think we can do this on our own, thank you very much. We don't need to pander to the already-famous to get ahead.

Well, that's not what we're talking about at all in this class. Tara and I realized that everyone has skills and access that can be useful to someone else. You can always move your businesses forward more rapidly by reaching out to others.

And it's not all about celebrities. If you make hats to sell, then the buyer for that cute boutique down the street is someone you should know. If you want to write a craft book, then you should meet a good literary agent. If you're starting a homemade cookie business, then you'll want to know people who supply ingredients, or understand health codes.


A smart entrepreneur figures out who can help, and then overcomes the shyness and finds ways to connect. And that's the process Tara and I will teach you in this class.

Class happens on August 3rd - and you can get all the details right over here. For only $35, you'll come away with a full recording of the class session, a PDF summary, and a worksheet to help you formulate your action plan for connecting with people you need to know.

I'm especially excited to teach this with Tara, because the's a smart cookie who really excels at reaching out. Hope we'll see you there!



very cute presentation :)

I totally agree though - its all about who you know. No matter what your job is. And its especially relevant to small businesses like ourselves.

Oh, I am so booking this...just need to move some funds around, please stand by.

Please understand: I respect how smart you both are... but right now I'm completely blown away by your adorableness.

Love this idea! Exactly what I need, so I'm signed up already.

WHAT a great idea. It is really scary for many of us to reach out because, for one thing, that's what REACHING out kinda is--something we're not used to, and for another thing, it's hard to know where to do it. The simplest ideas are sometimes the most brilliant. I just know this class is going to be groovy.