Scoring at the Farmer's Market...

18 Jul 2010

We made a quick trip to the Orenco Farmer's Market this morning. It's a small market with only a few produce vendors, but we scored lots of good Summer treasures.

(Imagine these babies roasted with some olive oil, salt, and a little rosemary. Mmmmmm.)

I also made a produce-buying-breakthrough! Every year, determined to make this roasted beet salad, I buy beets. And then, they sit there and slowly perish in our crisper, because as much as I like roasted beet salad, I really don't like the mess and hassle of dealing with said beets.

So this year, I'll just photograph the dang beets and remember the salad fondly.

Aren't these artichokes gorgeous? A little too spendy just yet, but soon, we shall feast.

I overheard a woman wondering aloud how fava beans are cooked, and for perhaps the second time ever, I actually had a business card in my bag when I needed one. And I was able to say, "I have a video about that on the internet!"

Only later did it occur to me that this was possibly nerdy enough to tip the planet on its axis. Still, I hope she likes her favas.

Here's my favorite score of the day - this is a seedless variety of tomatoes, developed here in Oregon. Our pork roast tonight will come with a heaping side of roasted tomato.

(I know - I'm all about the roasting lately.)

More pictures, as always, in this year's farmer's market Flickr set.


I am SO glad you posted this about the beets! I have been doing the same thing - buying them fresh from the farm stand with the intent of making a salad and letting them languish in the fridge. And living with tremendous amount of guilt over it! I'm going to follow your lead - no more beet buying!

Heh heh! Kindred spirit! :-) Wish those things weren't so darn tasty-and-yet-labor-intensive. :-)

Great veg, and good call on the beets! They, along with turnips, are a big pain. Best to just take pics and let somebody else prepare them!

Agreed! I just don't have the fortitude for all the red stains and mess.... :-)

Oh, yes - I think someone mentioned the name "broad beans" once. Also found this very interesting sentence in the Wikipedia entry: "The beans can be fried, causing the skin to split open, and then salted and/or spiced to produce a savory crunchy snack." Hmmmmm...

About turning the planet on its axis...I did the same thing the other day and felt so ridiculous and silly. I was in the Starbucks drive through and the super friendly barista asked what I was up to that day. I told her I was going home to make raspberry jam and she responded with an answer I've heard many times: "My grandma used to make jam and I wish I knew how. It just seems so hard. I want to learn how to make jam." I didn't want to tell her about my five-posts-old blog so was only going to tell her how easy it is and to just follow the recipe that comes in the pectin box...but I went through the trouble of taking pictures and posting it and if I was going to make something for the first time, pictures would help me - so I told her. I hope it comes in useful to her :)


Wooooo! I'm so glad you shared your post with her - you may have just converted a passionate new jam-maker! :-)

I think we call them broad beans in Australia / New Zealand/ But your video looked really yummy.
In fact I looked it up on wikipedia - and I am right)