A Great Big Bloggy Re-Org

28 Jul 2010


Recently, I had a consulting session with the fabulous Kirsty Hall. She pointed out a number of things I really need to tune up here at the ol' CraftyPod.

(Because, no matter how much you know about blogging or any other subject, you can never beat the laser-beam view from a fresh set of eyes. Especially, Kirsty's eyes.)

Anyway. Here's the first of several upgrades - and I think you'll like it. I've completely revamped the way CraftyPod's 1,000+ posts are organized.


Take a look in the sidebar, and you can see the whole list. It's a long one, but then again, I blog about a lot of things here. And it was getting so that you couldn't really find any of them.

But now you can. (Come on, you feed-reader people. Click out and take a look. Just this once!)

This re-org took about 80,000 mouse-clicks to accomplish, so if you wanted to (ahem!) leave a comment and (ahem!) mention that it was useful (or offer suggestions), my aching mouse-arm would love you.



Makes sense. :) Didn't mean to give you more work....

80,000 mouse clicks!?! No wonder you have disappeared lately!!

I love the new look especially the instant and easy access to everything CraftyPod.

Oh wow - I bow to you! I really really need to do this over at Geek+Nerd...not to mention do a major facelift (my format has been exactly, EXACTLY the same now for, hmmm 4, 5 years?! Eeeek!) You are a mouse clickin' goddess!

WOW!! That's amazing, and wonderful, and Grrrreat!! (How about a tutorial? I wanna know how you did that, and I'm just betting I'm not alone!)

I love it! Not one click was wasted. I'm a category-loving blog reader, so I'll go have an explore now. Thank you!!

Thank you, Amy - it's definitely not a small task. I think blogs naturally evolve over time, and need an organization tune-up every now and again. (But I successfully procrastinated mine for two years!) :-)

It's funny, based on doing the content overlay you taught us about, I just gutted my category list. I love your new organized list! When I visit here, I usually find myself clicking on your main nav buttons because I'm looking for a podcast or a video.

Right you are, Johanna - a CSS thingy I have to fix with Mail Chimp. Soon!

Yup, it looks very organized and nice - easy to find. My favorite is still "oddball crafts" hehe. I love my categories too, they are so helpful. I don't list them in my sidebar, maybe i SHOULD do that again... What does Kristy say about that?

I don't use categories and tags on my own blog as well as I should, iHanna but anything you can do that helps people find your older content is worth doing because it tends to get lost. What I do is put my core content on my Resources For Artists page.

I came over from the feedreader, too. :) And I looooooove the redesign. I'm a category nut, and it's so helpful when I'm searching for a post I'm looking for (or want to share). Those 80,000 clicks were well worth it!

Looks fantastic and will definitely be easier to find things! :c)

Kirsty's comment to me was that, although I'd been blogging for over four years, it was really hard to see *today* how much value there is on my blog. She pointed out that there's a ton of past content that new readers would find interesting, if only they had some way of seeing it was there.

...And I was really surprised, by the time I finished, to see how much was there, too!

Wowee! Your kind comments are making me so happy today! Thank you, everyone - and I'm so thrilled you're liking the re-org!

Well, as it turns out (ahem), this subject will be covered in my forthcoming blogging ebook!

Looks fabulous! Yay for re-organization!

Looks awesome, and navigation is so much easier! I love the new Bead Crafts category ;)

Hee hee! See, this is how I know the re-org was a great idea. The Bead Crafts category has been there since the beginning - just, apparently, invisible!

A lot of hard work but so worth it! Looks really good! Kirsty has some great ideas.

Great points! I'm still working with these categories a little. Interviews contains some text interviews as well as podcasts. And not all my podcasts are interviews, so I thought a break-point made some sense. (Maybe not.)

Web Crafty is primarily web-based tools and resources I've found - things like, say, Spoonflower.com.

And Crafty Community is likely getting some subdivisions, too. It encompasses things like excellent mail I've received, interesting crafters and their work, and ideas about the presence of community in crafting.

So yeah. It may never be done. :-)

Wow, it looks great! I love how organized things are on the side bar. Makes it pretty easy to find. How did you decide the order you wanted things to be in? Well done!

Thanks, Terri! Actually, Wordpress alphabetizes the "Parent" categories, so that's how they got arranged.

Looks awesome! I especially like the sidebar hierarchy -- it's so easy to scan and see what I want to click on!

I've been a lurker for a few weeks, just got back from vacation and wanted to check in again, and really appreciate the reorganization! I'm looking forward to reading/listening to lots more.

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! This will make reading your blog so much easier and enjoyable. Not that I didn't love it before. I just discovered it a month or so ago (I know, where have I been?) and I cannot get enough of it and crafty podcasts. You are a wealth of information.

Diane, you have always made a wonderful service, and now it is even better! Now I can read all these useful posts that I missed... thank you! Ciao!

It must feel so good to have a blog so neatly reorganized, congrats to you (and Kirsty for her advice), those categories are a good way for people to discover in a glimpse what your blog is (all) about! And it also gives a good idea of the important number of posts already written, by the way...

On a more geeky and personal note, I'm over-excited to see that wordpress allows you to create categories with *sub* categories. One more reason I want to switch!

There is one thing that I see that still needs some fixing. Your newsletter sign up box hangs over the comments and blocks the first few letters of every line of the comments that end up next to it.

Right you are, Maureen - that's a little CSS adjustment I need to make. Will take care of it this week. Thanks!

Dianne, your re-organized blog list is wonderful! Thank you sew much for all the time and all the clicks!

I'm sure silly me would put numbers first (01, 02...) so that I can choose the order (it's what I did with my private twitter groups so that they appear in the right order in my Nambu left column...). Yes, this is how I am ;).

Thanks for replying Kristy and Diane!

Looking back, reading back in your own archives is worth a post on its own - it is such a great thing to do now and then to remind ourselves of what we've accomplished, written and crafted! It's like the book I made, right, it too was such a surprise to see how much text there were.

I always try to link back to content that I'm mentioning in my blog posts, like previous posts about the subject etc. I takes some searching but I hope it makes readers feel invited to look through old content too. and it reminds me of what I wrote three or four years ago. :-)

Very nice!

Congratulations on the organisation of your blog, Diane! :-D It looks much better!

Since you're asking, I have some suggestions, as well. Kirsty, don't be shy to pop in and give your advices. :)
I'm a fan of clean and not too charged spaces. So:

I think you should probably take out:
- the "My products" link. Not the button, but just the name + link that is just under the "Crafty podcasts" links. You already have a nice shop button at the top left of your blog, so why add another link?
- The "page section" in your left column as you already have theses links on the top of your blog.
- And I was wondering if you should keep the "Archive along" button as this project is finished, isn't? Mmm... not sure.

Oh, and I think you should try to find a smaller widget for the "subscribe to the newsletter" button as it breaks the design a little.

Yes, yes! I'm done now! :-p I know it takes a -lot- of time to tweak a blog design, so you're also free to not listen to me and leave it this way. ;-)

Take care! xoxo!

Thanks, Fanie! All great points!

I helped my Dad set up categories with his blog of 200 posts and it took soooooooo long. I can only imagine how exhausting it must have been with 5 times as many. But I love the way you have categories and subcategories. (I don't think Blogspot lets us do the subcategories thing. Or if they do, I've missed it! Maybe I better go look)

looks great!

Yes, the Index is wonderful. Having spent quite a bit of time recently trying to locate the blog entry about some beautiful textile art I'd seen a couple of years ago, I appreciate the re-organization.

Yes, this blog covers so much territory that a comprehensive filing system and list of folders is necessary! I can't visit every day, and when I come back, I want to be able to not only scroll down and read your posts one by one, but I want to look at favorite categories in case I've missed a post, or to find one that has that favorite tutorial or link or tip I forgot to jot down. I'm old! I can't remember everything!!!

Hi, Sister Diane.
I liked your site before, but I have to say that I did just discover some tutorials that I didn't know were here. So, thumbs up on the redesign!

It looks beautiful! Nice work!

I am totally impressed that you went through and reorganized your blog! The tags and categories I originally started with turned out after a while not to be working and since I couldn't bear the thought of going through and recategorizing them all, I ditched using these all together. Which isn't nice for my users, but it was something I just couldn't manage. Maybe someday. Maybe this will be the inspiration for me to do it! Kudos to you!!!

I like it, very nice. The only comment that I wanted to make is that it looks like the CraftyPod Newsletter sign-Up box is too wide for the sidebar! But yes, all the clicks were certainly worth it!

Looks great! Lots of information immediately visible, yet it's easy to scan. Rock on, Diane!

*high five* - that is a LOT of work! Congratulations. I loved your blog before, but now I extra-love it. :)

Kudos, you did a great job on the reorganization. I know it was daunting task, but it results are well worth it. Congratulations!

I like it :) I came from the reader just like you asked ;)

Great job, Diane! I'm so chuffed that you've started the re-organisation already.

Very useful, thank you Diane. Glad I clicked out of my reader! ;)

Yay for your re-org! You know that your blog is my very favorite for crafty (or in my case, jammy) blog advice, but I confess I used to be puzzled by the home page. I think your new tabs and category lists are fabulous; they make it much easier for us to find all the good stuff you have to offer.


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