Two Recent Kid-Craft Tutorials

05 Aug 2010


Just popping in today to share links to a couple kid-craft articles I've done recently for CRAFT.

The first of which is a tutorial for this life-size board game. We had a blast putting this together and playing with it. I got an awesome deal on carpet squares at SCRAP, and everything else (big dice, big game cards) was made from cheap and readily-available materials. K's sister Jen was kind enough to round me up a couple adorable boys (Logan and Charles, age 7) to play.

(The carpet squares have since been appropriated by Pushkin, who uses them for regal sitting, not gaming.)


Then, I did a piece on zine-making for kids of all ages. It includes some interesting zine projects you can do with young children, grade schoolers, and middle schoolers. I loves me some indie publishing, and to my mind, it's never too early to get kids making media.

So, there you go. Enjoy!


Hey, awesome, Lixie! I think just about every blog goes through some evolution over the years. Will your podcast still be about knitting, then, or is that changing, too? I'm so glad you've enjoyed the biz stuff here!

Love the giant board game - what a clever idea!!!

HI, Pallavi - thank you so much for sharing that link! I like the way you did your board squares, and it looks like the children in your photos are having a wonderful time!

Ooh! Awesome - I can't wait to see your zine!

Loved the zine one. Hope to make my own zine soon. Will have to get the little involved. :)

I saw this on the Craftzine blog this morning but can't seem to locate the link for the downloadable template you mentioned. I've been thinking about making this for my nephews & niece all morning (at work... eep)... I love the idea and think their mom will too for rainy days with 3 small kids!

ACK! Right you are, Lori - and thank you so much for catching that! Here, you can grab it from my while I'm fixing things at the CRAFT post:

I just now am seeing this, and it tickles me silly! I absolutely love that life-sized board game.

Hi Diane,
Its uncanny how similar our ideas are! I conceptualized a very similar game, but focused on educating children about the insect kingdom. It was part of my diploma project in December 2009.
I was also thinking of it on the lines of a've implemented it well! good luck!

- Pallavi

I have been inspired by your blog to finally sort mine out so I have taken the first step and moved it so the name is a bit more indicative of what is on it. So it has moved from to Your podcasts on business thinking and posts on analytics have been *so* helpful. You really are my idol.