Spectacular 1970's Handcrafted Fashions!

03 Sep 2010


So here's the thing. I'm not going to get you a podcast this week. Work stuff has intruded again, among other things.

So instead, I'm sharing some amazing 1970's handmade fashion goodness, thanks to Crista, who spied this set of Creative Hands books at a garage sale and offered to send them to me.


There is So. Much. Vintage. Goodness. in these books. Today, I'll just focus on all the knit, crochet, and sewn fashion pictures. Because in my opinion, there is no greater awesome than 1970 fashion photography.

Like here. Oh, that giant hair, and the model's vaguely perturbed reaction to apparently finding herself in a rock-and-scrap-metal quarry.


If you can match your hat band, watch band, and necktie, and be patriotic all at once, then my friend, you are one stylish multitasker.


So much to love here - the needlepoint vest, all those little bows on the front of the dress, and those crazy head-outlining braids!

I am not kidding when I say, give me this stuff over some anorexic 18 year-old with messy hair, a sullen expression, and too much airbrushing any day of the week.


Who knew ponchos could be so pensive?


…Or so dang dramatic? (Bonus: tassels you can really defend yourself with!)


I have a couple great dude shots for you, too. I adore the expression of this one: "What? Your girl didn't knit you a sweater? Oh, I disdain you so strongly."


Seriously, don't we all wish this was what they did with those boyfriend sweaters we knit them?


Yeah, sure, hand-embroidered caftan and all, but what I really want to know is, what the heck is holding up that bun?!


I don't even know where to begin here… That amazingly complicated hairstyle? The fact that the dress says both "boudoir" and "baby blanket" simultaneously? The silver shoes I would snap up in a heartbeat if I ever found them in a thrift store? The brandy snifter? The humerus-bracelet?


…Still, if you want to talk hottie yarn dresses, I think this one has my vote. Bonus points for it being apparently unlined, and for the "Let's see, which of the men groveling at my feet shall I choose?" pose.


Last one: and it says to me, "Yee-haw! Let's sneak through the Biggest Doors In the World!"

Yeah, I joke around, but it's out of extreme love. 70's is glory time to me.

Also, this is not the last you'll see of these books.



LOL Awesome dude shots! Hilarious caption! And is it wrong that I want sweater dresses and shawls now?

Nope, it's so very right. :-)

OMG!! I have these! They are called Golden Hands in the UK :)

If you think I wouldn't wear that first dress with the silver shoes in the baby blanket dress picture, you'd be wrong. I totally WOULD.

Awesome!! I'll bet you would rock it, too!

oh dear!! I do'nt know how to admit: This make me very nostalgic!

Me too! :-)

I've got six or seven of the 1970s series The Family Creative Workshop for Christmas last year and I was just browsing through them last night during Project Runway. Similarly awesome photograph (and projects). Makes me a little wistful for my childhood.

I have to admit that I kind of love the tan dress in the last photo (though I would accessorize it differently...)

I agree - the shape is nice. I'd do it in a brighter color. And yes - with different extras! :-)

I think these would totally sell in retail stores if they were updated a bit. I actually like a couple of them. Nothing is every new, just reinvented :)

I so agree! I saw a whole bunch of crafts in these books that I had thought were new ideas when I saw them in the blogosphere. Everything really does cycle and cycle...

:0))))))) So enjoyed your very amusing review here Diane! I could browse pics like this for hours. I also have a couple of copies of Golden Hands somewhere. MIght have to go search for them I thnk! Definitely a big thank you for this nostalgia trip for me! x

It is good stuff, isn't it? I adore the exuberance of it all!

Thanks Diane, I love vintage fashion photography, this made my day. I agree you can keep the poor scrawny over airbrushed girls, I will take this any day. By the way who won't want those silver shoes!

Yaaaaay, I'm so glad you enjoyed! Looks like there would be a whole lot of us fighting over those shoes at the Goodwill!

i love those white dresses! :D would love to wear them both

Your comments kill me -- thanks for the morning chuckle. But, seriously, aren't these fashions amazing. You can almost picture real women wearing them -- so unlike what we see on the hizzie-fit Project Runway or ("I die") the pretentious Rachael Zoe Project with its scary stick insect women.
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Jude at
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I totally agree - 70's models have such great strength and attitude!

So glad Earl passed along quietly!

Ooh, yes! Rhoda all the way!!

Aw, that's horrible vandalism. :-(

There is nothing funnier than 70's craft book models. NOTHING.

Nothing funner or better. Except maybe 1970's interiors! http://www.lileks.com/institute/interiors/

I adored Rhoda! Spot on!

No way! We had this set! If some of the people have moustaches and fangs drawn on them, I want my books back!!! Thanks for the blast from the past.

I love, love, LOVE the hair and makeup, too.

I love, love, LOVE the hair and makeup, too. Very Rhoda and Monty Python-esque. Yay!