Join my next online class: How to Host Your Own Blog!

08 Sep 2010

Welcome to Fall (more or less), everyone! I wanted you to know about my next online class, which is How to Host Your Own Blog.

This class is great for you if:

• You want to stop using free blogging services like Blogger, and have more overall control. (Don't get me wrong - I think free blogs are perfect when you're starting out. But after a while, you may want to move to a more permanent and professional solution.)

• You want your own custom domain name.

• You want your blog to coordinate better with your overall business branding.

• You want to start using the full-featured version of Wordpress.

• You want the freedom to install extra services on your blog, like PDF downloads, a forum, photo galleries, etc.

It should be said, though – although this is a beginning class in setting up your own hosted blog, I do have a few prerequisites, so we can make sure everyone in the class is on the same page. Pop over here and check them out.

Class begins on Monday, September 20th. I'd love to see you there!



Is this a class that will be offered one time only, or do you plan (depending on the number of sign ups) on offering it multiple times? I'd love to take the class, but it seems that since it coincides with the start of classes, it would be unrealistic for me....

HI, Kristina - I do offer this class from time to time, so if this time frame isn't right for you, there should be more opportunities in 2011. Hope to see you then!

I had read your write up on this class previously Diane and decided it would be a great one for me, coz I had thought I'd like to move over to Wordpress eventually, for the reasons you've given. Unfortunately it's not do-able for me at the mo, but I'm definitely bookmarking it for further down the track. It sounds fabulous. :)

No worries, Pam - this is a class we offer periodically, so we'll see you the next time.