Your Color Ideas + My Apparent Blanket

13 Sep 2010


I've said it before, but you people have excellent brains.

I was absolutely blown away by all your fascinating color perspectives on my newfound blanket project. Seriously, you helped me see these little reddish granny squares in a multitude of new lights, and you got me way excited about the possibilities. All of this at a moment when I was overloaded with work and really needed the mental candy. Thank you so much!

So this weekend, I finally had a little time to play with next steps.

Blanket4 Blanket6

I popped over to ColourLovers and used your suggestions to play around with some possible color palettes.

It's so interesting, how many different lights this red can be cast in! I'd love to hear your input on these directions.

(Setting aside for the moment the question of whether I'll actually be able to find yarns in these colors. Practicalities, Schmacticalities.)

The two above were first efforts. I like the way the five-color palette looks, but ultimately, I think five colors might be too much stim for this variegated red yarn.

Blanket2 Blanket3

The neutral palette on the left has a nice graphical quality about it, and the one on the right is very autumn-y.

Blanket7 Blanket1

…But if I'm being honest, these two are the current front runners. (After a weekend of going back and looking at them dozens of times. You know how that goes.)

The one on the left came out of a total "what if" scenario: what if I could make this totally-unrelated red into something that would fit into my living room, which has a lot of blue and green in it? I must admit, I kind of like the vaguely 1970s quality.

Do any of you know of a color tool that allows me to build a pattern of concentric squares, by any chance? I can't seem to decipher ColourLovers' pattern-making tool.

…And with that, I'm looking forward to hearing what your excellent eyes and minds have to say. This project is way more fun with you involved.

UPDATE: Thanks to busgirlbrown, who commented about using MS Paint to graph her square patterns, I was able to figure out a hack to Pages and make me some squares! And they definitely rule out palettes #4 and #6 for me. What do you think?

blanketsquare5 blanketsquare6

blanketsquare4 blanketsquare3

blanketsquare1 blanketsquare2



Wow, those are juicy!

My favourites, fwiw, are #2 and #7. I really love the simplicity of #2. I dithered over #7, but actually, when I close my eyes and imagine it in yarn, as opposed to screen pixels, I think it would really work.

Whichever one you choose, it's going to be gorgeous :-) I look forward to updates!

# 1 is very cute (although I would probably make #3 for myself).

I don't know the best way to do concentric squares, but I always lay my blankets out using old-school Microsoft Paint. I magnify it, add the grid, and then fill in the blocks. When I'm done I hide the grid and zoom out to see how the finished blanket will look. Not very modern, but it is effective!

Ooh! You are awesome - you just helped me figure out a way I can make Pages do this, using the color hex codes from ColourLovers. Thank you one million times! I'll have to amend the post with some graphics...

I love Color Impact for creating color schemes. In addition to giving you a bazillion tools to create colors and give you color suggestions, it also has a "test" area where you can see your colors in different squares or fake web pages. I bought it a million years ago and I still use it. It's probably even better now.

I'm liking blanket 1 ... but maybe I'm biased because I'm not a big fan of navy blue.

I love #3 and #7 is a close second for me. Have fun!!

You're welcome! So glad I could return the favor!

I really like #1, #2 is very much my color scheme, but #7 is going to look great, I love the blues and greens with a punch of red. Can't wait to see it when it is all done.

I like the red white and black one mainly b/c those are the colors I use in my living room. All of the colorways rock!

Angela, knitluck

i am all for the dark blue, teal/aqua, and lime combo. bonus that it matches your living room and is 70s-ish! (i thought about suggesting dark blue, but was afraid it might look all patriotic - the lime and aqua definitely make it something else spectacular!)! i like the black white red too!

btw - i made an afghan similar to blanket #3 and wish i had chosen differently... too much red/pink - but that's just me!

Ooooh - that last one in the squares at the bottom is signing my song, but I'm a huge sucker for that color combo. :) Can't wait to see it!

Hands down blanket 1 pallet is my favorite! Blanket 3 is also really nice but I think it would be stronger if you replaced the orange eggplant or just repeated the burgundy again.

That's my two cents!

Such fun with color! After looking at them in the squares, my vote is for #4, #3 and #2. Not in any specific order. I originally thought I'd like #7, but I'm not as fond of it in the square as in the lines.

Oooooh! I love #3 and #1. Fabulous!

Number 2 is my favorite and I also like number 1. What a cool way to visualize the color!

I really like #7 and #1....I think I want them at my house, so you can send one over any time you feel like it :)

#1 - absolutely!

lol i actually like #6 :D

I 'm thinking #7 is the winner, particularly with the concentric square pattern. Very much fun to see design in action.

Love the way you did this and all the thought that went into it. I like blanket #1 choice, the bottom right. I think this has a nice balance of color. None of the colors fight with each other for attention. Plus the color palette has enough bright color for attention but is also neutral enough to fit into many decors.

#4 = The purple and green are too close to being complimentary colors on the color wheel. They fight for dominance and it is hard for the eyes to pick where to focus.

#6 = A nice calming effect, but there are a lot of colors in this one, which makes the red become lost in all the blue and gray. This could work, but your red squares will no longer be the focus point.

#2 = This could work well, also, but it seems like a serious blanket. These colors would be easier to find, but not might be as much fun. Since the red/purple square are so colorful/playful, there is the possibility of it looking a little too contradictory.

#3 = I agree that this has an autumn feel, but the pink throws me off a bit. As a fan of orange, I hate to say this, but I don't think orange would look good against the purple color in the red squares. It might if you changed the shade of the orange to a deeper orange.

#7 = For me again, it's the complimentary colors of the red and the green fighting for dominance that makes me not like this. They might not fight so much, if the blue around the red square wasn't that light, but it makes the red brighter and then the red fights with the green.

I would choose either top right or bottom right squares, middle left would probably be my third choice. The top right is most pleasing to me, but I prefer a green palette to most others, so that is purely a personal preference. For "punch," I'd probably choose the bottom right square... I love the way the colors are balanced in that one and the way you've ordered them.

Did you look at the blue in the outermost edge on the bottom left square or the purple in the outermost edge of the upper right square, in place of the black in the bottom right square? I like the value of the black on the outermost edge, but wonder if either blue or purple won't play better with the blend of colors in your actual core squares in the middle. Purple would probably be my first choice of those two because the purple strands in the middle squares are the least visible. Adding purple to the outermost edge would "pull out" that purple in your center square in a pleasing way and play really well against the green and yellow in your box. But, a dark blue on the outside edge would play well with the red in the center square, but still play nicely with the green and yellow you're looking to use in the center borders.

Number 2 is my favorite.