Podcast: A New Dress a Day, with Marisa Lynch

26 Sep 2010

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In this show:

• I talk with Marisa Lynch about her current project: revamping one (rather hideous) $1.00 thrift-store dress into something cute and fashionable every day. She blogs about it at New Dress a Day.

• We discuss exactly what goes into a project like this – keeping inspired, managing time, and where one stores hundreds of new garments!

• ...And we talk about Marisa's simple-yet-effective approach to garment reconstruction. There are no advanced tailoring skills needed, and the results are gorgeous.


• Check out New Dress a Day, where you can see the over 300 (!!!) garment revamps Marisa's completed already.

• Marisa's fame with this project is growing – she's been profiled on TIME's Money blog, and ReadyMade, Green LA Girl, (and numerous other blogs), and The Nate Berkus Show.



Love her, love her blog - so excited to see that you interview her! Great pick!

I follow Marisa's blog and just love seeing how she can transform things - it's so amazing and definitely inspiring. Thanks for doing this podcast, loved to hear her story and learn a bit more :)

I've been following Marissa's blog since you mentioned her on Twitter a while back. I'm always inspired by her creations.

I love Marissa's blog! I read it every day and have a few $1 dresses in my closet just waiting to be revamped...

Heh - I commented on her blog once that she should turn all those pads into a giant quilt. :-)

Marissa's blog is SO fantastic and this was a fun interview. I am wondering if we're going to eventually see a dress made with all those chopped off sleeves? And what about all those shoulder pads, Marissa?

What a great interview! It is so true that Marissa's passion is what makes her blog so special. It was also so good to find out that Marissa stores all her clothes in her hallway. You can tell she is such a positive person!