Check out beautiful tutorials (and other stuff) on Pinterest

13 Oct 2010


I've been looking around for ways to build a nice online archive of the many great tutorials I find in my daily surfing - not so I can find them again (that's what my Google Reader is for), but so I can share them with you.

I think I've found a good solution - Pinterest. It's a really simple, beautiful tool that collects images and links for you in "boards." You decide what theme your boards have, and you can set up as many boards as you like. Set up an account, put a Pinterest button on your web browser toolbar, and then with a few mouse clicks, you can add new material to any board in seconds.

You have to be logged in to use Pinterest right now, and since they're still in beta, you need an invitation to get an account. I have five invitations at my disposal, so the first five people to ask in the comments can have them.

You can also put in your request for an invitation.


My Awesome Tutorials board has been steadily growing! There are some gorgeous examples of the tutorial form there, and everything links out to its original source.

I also have boards going for other subjects, but they aren't as regularly updated.



Guess I missed the boat on this one. I will put in for my own request I guess. Thanks for the wonderful link, this is going to be a great tool.

Looks like a great thing! I tried requesting an invite on the pinterest page, but it didn't look like it went through...

OK That time it went through...

This looks great! I will definitely be signing up for an invite!

Wow! Never heard of that but sounds like a great organizational tool. Thanks.

Sorry, mine are all issued. If you use Twitter or Facebook, though, try putting out a call for an invite there - lots of people seem to have them.

Are there any left? I really would like one, I've been seeking this invite for a long time! Thanks!

Oh my goodness! I'd like an invitation please.


Yay! I just put your invite through - you should be getting an email from Pinterest shortly. Enjoy!

I love pinterest too! I mostly use it as a log for all the things that I like or want to write about on the blog. But I have to say, its super addictive. I am on their looking at people's pins and boards way more than I should. Woops! Side Note...I see that you've added a papernstitch tutorial to your "Awesome Tutorials Board". Thank you Sister Diane.

You always have such great tutorials on papernstitch, Brittni!

Thank you so much! This is really great :-)
I've been looking at Pintrest in the last couple of weeks and it is really great!
Still waiting to hear from them regarding my invitation request, though.

Ooooh - this looks rad! And you know I'm a sucker for new blog-reading-organization-bookmarking tools. Sign me up! ;)

Yes, I think you, in particular, would love this. Just set you up - look for an email from Pinterest! XO

gah! i would looooove an invite!!

Done! Look for an email from Pinterest soon...

this looks great, i could have used it for a post i recently did about online craft classes. i'd love an invite if you still have one available!

Sure - may I have your email address?

Ah, geez. Am I too late for the invite?

Nope, not too late! I just set you up - watch for an email from Pinterest!

Looks great! I've just requested my invite. Thanks for letting us know about it.