Perhaps the craftiest short film ever...

02 Nov 2010

Here's a little creative shot-in-the-arm for your Tuesday morning…

This short film was made by 1,620 members of the DaWanda community – a Berlin-based online marketplace for artists and crafters. Each crafter downloaded a single frame of the film, and then styled it according to his or her creative skills. Here's a sample still:


…Imagine the hours of human creative effort represented in this entire film!

When you're done watching, pop over and take a look at DaWanda - there's a lot of beautiful stuff. They've also just launched their Christmas Market, which has cute free downloads and DIY ideas.



That was most awesome! Just about had a crafty seizure though from all that flashing!!

That just twisted my brain into a pretzel. I have the most marvelous creative headache right now!! Thanks for the fabulous share Diane!!

Heh - those creative headaches are the best! :-)