Go get your awesome free magnetic advent calendar!

15 Nov 2010


My friends, I am soooo ready to think about Christmas.

…Which is why I'm so freaking excited about this magnetic advent calendar project! (It's a collaboration between my Mom and Fanie.)


The whole thing is based on a four-sheet pack of printable magnet sheets. First, you pop over to Mom's blog post, and download her two-page PDF Christmas tree.

Then, head over to Fanie's post, where she has a gorgeous set of hand-drawn ornaments you can print onto your other two sheets of magnet. Then, just cut and assemble everything on your refrigerator door. Each day of December, you can add another ornament to your tree!


(Mom mentioned in her post that this advent is designed for kids - which is why I'm glad she's bringing me one soon.)


What's especially cool is, Fanie made the ornaments in two versions - a full-color one and one without color, so you can bust out your Sharpies and color them yourself.

Wait - there's something even more cool - these two ladies are offering up the whole thing for free. What an awesome gift to the community! I hope you'll show them some love back.



Wow! Diane! Thank you! What a lovely thing to do - to feature the magnet Advent Calendar Fanie and I created together.

So funny, I was in the process of doing a tiny bit of catching up this morning and when I clicked on Craftypod, this image popped up. Immediately my mind is racing - how did i do that - how did i wind up on my own post? Had me going there for a minute! :-)

And, yes, you are most certainly going to have your very own fridge magnet soon - Thanksgiving is only 10 days away! Can you wait that long?

Oh my word! You two are two funny! One reason I love both of you is your interaction with each other! I will be downloading this for sure as I have a HUGE roll of magnet paper stuff!

that's so freaking cute! Thanks for sharing the links!

What a wonderful idea. :) I'm off to visit their sites.

What a great idea for an Advent calendar and I really like the idea that you can color the ornaments yourself. Great post!

This is great! What a wonderful idea.

What a great idea and a fun share for Christmas. Thanks for the link. :)