Zine Review: Pensieri

19 Nov 2010


One thing that makes me endlessly happy is seeing more and more crafters making their own zines. (Remember this old podcast?) I recently received a package of unbelievable zine-y goodness from Linda Tieu, and had to share.

Linda is an artist and illustrator, and she lives in Italy. (Hence the name of her zine, Pensieri, which is Italian for "Thoughts.") Pensieri is now two issues old. Issue One is a wonderful introduction to art journaling. Issue Two teaches you how to make a wide variety of pockets to add mystery and specialness to your creative projects.


The production quality here is outstanding! Linda used a nice kraft paper envelope as the basis for her cover, which gives it a nice heft and also allows for surprises (more on that in a moment). Then, she added a cloth spine and hand-stitched the binding. This is the kind of thing I really love in zines - all those careful touches that make each copy special.

Issue One not only gives you lots of encouragement and practical tips for starting an art journal, it's also a collaborative art journal between you and Linda. She's sprinkled in all these mostly-blank pages, where she's added a creative touch and a little prompt for you to take from there. Isn't that a lovely idea?


So many pretty bits pasted in all over.

Incidentally, if you're interested in art journaling, you should check out Linda's blog post series, in which she challenged herself to make an A-Z art journal. Each page is about one word, chosen in alphabetical order each day. She's been posting each day's page and writing about how she came to the word and the expression. Wonderful stuff!


Here's a glimpse of Issue Two, which Linda color printed instead of pasting in extras. She blogged about the things she learned between making Issues One and Two, and it's really good reading for aspiring zine-makers. Zines are always a balance between what you want to do and what you can produce in multiples without it taking over your whole life.


Linda shares so many cool pocket styles in Issue Two - things I'd never seen before. She does amazing things with paper. (And incidentally, if you need exotic paper bits, check out her Etsy shop.)


…So earlier, I mentioned surprises. Remember those covers made from large envelopes? They hold goodies in the back! Issue One has an array of lovely papery bits for your art journaling.


Issue Two has templates for all the pocket styles in the zine! All of this just kills me with its awesomeness.

Now, it looks like these zines may be currently sold out. If you're interested in getting a copy, maybe pop over and convo Linda for more information. And, you can pre-order Issue 3!



Wow -- that is an awesome zine! Thanks for sharing.

I've always wanted to do art journaling but could never find the time. I wonder whether anyone has ever written about how to do art journaling with limited time and space (i.e., no dedicated space to leave supplies easily accessible). Do people who make these incredible journals have full-time jobs? Has anyone out there written about how one can reconcile all these projects without losing a couple hours of sleep every night? Would love to see a future blog posting about how to do art journaling in 5 minutes or less! :-)

I've bought a couple books on art journaling but I've never been able to get into the current style of "slap on a few layers of gesso, glue down 50 candy wrappers, add transfers from photocopies of vintage postcards, sew a few beads and crystals, and bind the entire thing in an elegant Coptic binding with hand-tooled leather covers and waxed linen thread." Sometimes it's exhausting just reading the list of supplies! [Grin]

Five-minute art journaling - now there's a good zine topic! :-)

I think that A-Z series on Linda's blog is a good study of fitting art journaling into your life. And Hanna Andersson does a lot of wonderful writing on the subject, too: http://www.ihanna.nu/blog/

Always nice to find out about a new zine. I would have 47 zines delivered to my door every week if I could! This one is yummy, infinity. Off to convo...

Now that looks fabulous Diane! I just skipped over to Linda's site to have a peep and read about her zine. She definitely is clever! It's the sort of thing I'd like to try but when I think about doing it, I just don't know where to start! :) I often see other artists' journals etc, and am in awe of them, but never get past that first thought I have.....where do I start? How do I start? But writing this now, I've just thought why not find something nice/different for the cover? and perhaps it will evolve from there. Who knows!? It's funny the way we can put up barriers like this, for something that should be so simple and fun to do! x

Oh my... I'm so honored you have reviewed my zine and I hope you are enjoying playing around with the goodies :) It took a while for me to get around to creating Pensieri in the first place... but so happy now that I'm into it. It's given me an outlet to share my little craft obsessions, one topic at a time! I learn so much after completing each issue as well. I would encourage anyone who is interested to give it a try...it's a great way to have fun and share. Thanks again for your beautiful write-up and now I'll have to get back to workng on issue 3 :)

I love your zine so much, and I can't wait for Issue 3! And I totally agree - everyone should make at least one zine in their lives. It's a transformative sort of project.