Links to Many Good Things (Seriously, they are!)

30 Nov 2010

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I've got several things to share with you today. Bits and bobs, as they say…

First, my November column is live on CRAFT today. It's a downloadable PDF worksheet that's designed to help you analyze 30 days of your blog posts. What kinds of content are you really putting out there? What are your readers responding to most?

You can use it to analyze your own blog, or another blog you read and enjoy. Either way, you'll learn some good stuff. Click here.

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I also had a new piece go live on Handmade Spark just before the holiday weekend - What message are you (unconsciously) sending on Twitter?

If your last ten tweets were links to your Etsy store, please read this. I think it will help you gain much more attention on Twitter than you may be getting now.


My gift certificates are still available for Christmas delivery. And, my Mom is currently hosting a little giveaway for one of these bad boys, if you'd like to enter.


…And incidentally, this is my first online class of 2011 – January 10th, to be exact. We're already building a nice group for this one, so I'm super excited. The coolest thing about these classes is the way people bond with their fellow students, and form collaborations and support networks that go beyond the class.

Wanna join us? Click here to register.



I just read that great piece on Craftzine Diane, I am totally going to do the worksheet, it's a great idea!

Thanks, Katie! I'd be interested to hear what you findings are.

Ooo, lots of reading to do.

Your Twitter one is fantastic b/c those graphics are so spot on and easy to understand. Bravo!!!

It's so generous of you to offer a free class to someone! You are a great teacher!

Really! A LOT of good stuff here!

Thank you for pointing to my Craftypod Certificate Giveaway! Thank you for saying YES when I suggested it!

The CRAFT article on evaluating your on-line presence - VERY helpful - very good advice for everyone who writes a blog. We all need to step back once and a while and take a look at where we have been and where we want to go!