A wee update on my granny square blanket

13 Jan 2011


We're being pretty serious around here these days, so I wanted to inject a little crafty eye candy. My granny square blanket is at last moving forward!

It all started with the red squares, and then you helped me figure out the other colors. (Thank you!)


Thanks to the NFL regular season, I'm exactly this far along. And happily, this is one of those rare crochet projects that hasn't yet grown inexplicably ugly in my hands. (I do not have skillz.)


They need blocking, of course, but you get the idea.

So, what's your favorite square-joining method?



Looking really great, Diane! That colour in the centre is deeeelish!

My favourite joining method is, well, my own. ;-)

I wish I were! Nope, I just wait until I have a ton of squares made, put in a DVD, and weave weave weave. Can't for the life of me figure out how to carry the ends in the crochet.

I did a post about joining squares here:

Also, I didn't block my squares, and they turned out well. I think the weight of joining them together is plenty to keep them nice and neat!

Heidi, that blanket is absolutely gorgeous. Thanks for the link - I didn't realize Carina had done a how-to. That's a pretty method, too - continues the granny motif.

Man, I'm so glad I mentioned blocking here. It's awesome to know I don't really need to.

I have never blocked a granny blanket in my life. You could I guess, but like Heidi said, the joining tends to take care of that. :)

Man! The last granny blanket I made, I blocked all the squares, Imagine towels spread out all over the carpet, with little squares pinned all over them. Geez. :-)

Ummm...I'm sure it looks awesome and was totally worth the effort. ;)

Good work Diane.
There is a lot to be said for joining as you go, but, I sort of like the idea of joining it at the end, because you can play around with your colour arrangements without being locked in.
You could do all the squares leaving out the last row, and then join as you go.

Attic 24 has a nice little demo of joining by DC double-crocheting (or SC - single crochet) the squares together, into the back loops only.


Awesome - thanks, Fi! I love the idea of DC-ing them together, as I think that purple border could stand to be a little more prominent.

My favorite joining method is to crochet the seams together using single crochet (you can also do this using slip stich). It creates a raised, ridgelike visible seam on the outside of the pieces. I've done this on a number of granny square projects using a contrasting yarn and I like the added gridwork pattern it added. The downside of this is that the join will be clearly visible, but again either this works with the look you want or not.

Oh, yeah - I've seen this method. You're right - in many design contexts, it looks nice. Thanks!

I hate to say it now ... but it might not be too late if you start soon ... but join-as-you-go is my favorite kind of joining. Those motifs are perfect because you have the spaces between the granny clusters to intertwine the motifs. Then there's no work (except maybe a border) once you're done with the motifs! It's like magic.

If you start now, you'd want to join in a block on every side to get the singletons all incorporated. If you're interested but not sure what I mean exactly, I can provide you with more details. Just let me now.

And blocking? Pshaw! :)

I understand only about 2% of what you just said, but it sounds like an awesome way to approach joining. I also like the idea of pshawing blocking. :-) I would LOVE some more details!

I've done what she's explaining. It's a great way to go. Your squares look great, Diane!

They are so pretty, you DO have skillz indeed!! Joining is difficult, mine becomes bulky so I will not give advice.

oooh! looking really good :D

Oh, so pretty - crochet? ugly? in your hands? These three things do not go together my dearest lady. Personally, I like to single crochet all the squares together. Somehow seems a shame to pull out a needle if you don't have too. Though if you feel compelled to stitch, the stitch that is literally called "the blanket stitch" is the best bet :)

Hmmm... I haven't tried the blanket stitch. Whip-stitching, in my hands at least, comes out wonky. But you're right - I'm feeling like crocheting these together.

Thank you so much, Nicki - I appreciate you stopping by!

I wish everyone could actually see just how beautiful these really are in person! Even your most excellent skills with your camera don't do them justice!

So funny how things circle around! Do you remember all the embroidered wall hangings I finished while watching football with your father?

The granny squares in those colours are so effective. I think joining by crocheting is the best method as it gives a neat appearance on the front, too. I use UK double crochet.
Crochet work is nice to be able to take out with you - only one stitch to drop!