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01 Feb 2011

Perpetual Button Calendar

I'm still over here thinking and re-thinking about Free and my future plans for this blog, which means I've been light on the crafty posting lately. Sorry. Here are some things I've done for other folks recently…

First, the Perpetual Button Calendar above was a tutorial for CRAFT. Any project that gives you an ironclad excuse to purchase 42 big buttons is a Very Good Project.


Next, here are some accordion files I made from old manila file folders, spray adhesive, and fabric. I quite like how they came out. These were for our local paper, The Oregonian. You can get the online version of the how-to over here.

(Couldn't resist sharing, though, even if there's no link. Also, Elmer's Craft Bond rocks.)

January Column on Craft

And lastly, my January column on CRAFT is all about a New Year's Bloggy Re-Org. It's such a great idea, once a year or so, to re-visit the way your blog is organized. Can new visitors easily find your older content? Can you?

Enjoy, my friends. We'll be back on track again soon.



So useful! I'm bookmarking your column about keeping track of what you blog about and what the blogs you admire blog about. I definitely need to do this!

Don't go too far! You are changing lives for the better!

That button calendar made me SO happy!!! I love the colors and idea, and well, everything about it!

i heart your cool calendar

You're in so many places now, a monthly round up seems like a nice idea. :)

42 buttons indeed....

I always love seeing your pictures and a short blog post is refreshing! (This is one thing I love, love about your eBooks -- the pictures. I am soooooo visual when learning.)

Happy, Crafty February!

That is a really great calendar! I love it.

And you think all you need to, we'll all be here waiting for you and cheering you on! :) I'm reorganizing my web design online portfolio that I only designed like 6? 7? months ago but just isn't right so I feel you!

Heh - we're all in a constant state of evolution, aren't we? :-)

Diane, I have been thinking about how my blog is structured, and it's a great idea to step back and try to look at your space with fresh eyes. I would suggest that bloggers take note when they get a question (comments or email) that could quickly be answered with a link to a post or a tag on your blog. You might consider adding links to older, relevant, content from within your posts - not relying solely on the automatic suggestions some blogging platforms provide. Off to read the CRAFT column.

I saw your button yesterday, random blog hopping, it looks wonderful!