A video game made from craft supplies. Seriously.

07 Mar 2011


I've been debating whether to blog about this for months now, since it's a video game and this is not a video game blog. But, my friends, it's a whole video game made ot craft supplies, so you really should see it.

(Also, full disclosure, my enjoyment of this game juuuuust ticked over into full-on obsession over the weekend.)


Anyway. Kirby's Epic Yarn is part of a long series of Kirby games, but it's the first one where the game characters and the land they inhabit are all made from fabric, yarn, buttons, lace, and miles of stitchery. Seriously, the amount of crafty goodness in this thing absolutely boggles the mind.

A quote from Kono, the game's chief planner:

"We actually used yarn and literally sat there trying different things out and tossing around ideas. Craft materials were spread all across the desk. It didn't look like we were working on a video game at all."


There are seven landscapes in the game. You wander about, collecting shiny beads, looking for treasure, and defeating assorted (similarly crafty) enemies.

Many, many times I've been killed in-game because I was too busy oohing and aahing over the lace flowers and button-laden trees to notice the spear headed for me.


Fabric and yarn, of course, are malleable, and the game makes awesome use of this property. You can pull a loose thread and gather up a mountain. You can pull a zipper and a whole fabric building will peel away, revealing cool stuff behind it. Kirby himself, being made from a strand of pink yarn, can unwind himself and change into other things: a car, a spaceship, a heavy weight, and so on.

See that guy up there? The way you defeat him is to unravel the entire sweater perched on his head.

Want to see all this crafty cuteness in action? The video above gives you a taste.

The game's website shows you more, and offers you the distraction of uploading your own photos and adding crafty Kirby elements to them. Fair warning, though: it's a music-playing site.

If you are similarly obsessed, then please tell me in the comments how to defeat Meta-Knight.



Oh, yes! I love that bit. Over the weekend I just unlocked the "friend" levels by decorating new apartments for characters to move into. Freaking loved that!

I got this game for Christmas, and while my best friend was in town for the holidays, we stayed up way too late a bunch of nights in a row so we could beat it and collect all of the special items in all of the levels. You get to collect pieces of furniture and different fabrics to decorate your little apartment as an add-on to the game! Couldn't be any cuter.

that is such a cute looking game :D great graphics to it

Ooh, thank you, thank you, thank you! Now, of course, all I want to do is quit working and go play Kirby. :-)

Wow! I have resisted buying a Wii, but this might be the tipping point!

We have this game. I absolutely love that the world is make of yarn and fabric. To beat Meta-Knight grab the stuff he throws to knock him down and then grab his sword. I can't remember how many swords there are. But just keep doing it over and over until he's defeated. :)

See, I need access to a 10 year-old to teach me better video game skills. Sometimes, my ineptitude is truly epic. :-)

LOVE-LOVE-LOVE Kirby and his crafty fun!! My 10 YO son and I play all the time. Of course my son is a pro and I just kind of get to play along!

i've heard about this game, but these are the first images i'm seeing! it ALMOST makes me want to go out and buy a wii.

You should check out Little Big Planet, too. Not only are things in the game made of fabric, cardboard, etc but sometimes you even do crafty things in order to proceed in the game!

I would love to check that game out! I wish they made it for the Wii, but so far, no dice.

Oh bummer- maybe they will for the next release.

Oh my goodness, I want a WII just so I can play this game!!!

I never thought I'd want a Wii, but I have to say - it's given us hours and hours of fun.

That looks like a game my kids and I would enjoy. It kind of reminds me of "Little Big Planet"

This really is so inventive, and what a fresh idea. I love the look of it! Why are these not the achievements on CNN at the top of the day, that's what I'm wondering!!

oh holy cow, my eyes are so happy just looking at all the screenshots. so FREAKING ADORABLE! kirby is cute to the nth power on his own, and now he's been crafty-fied? be still my heart.

This game is soooo cute! My kids bought it for me for Christmas. Wish I had more time to play.

From the other comments here, it sounds like you guys might also like Little Big Planet!

Wow! My husband LOVES video games, but I've never really been able to get into them. But I think I could make an exception with this one. I just finished watching the trailer clip on your blog with him and we are both thoroughly impressed. Who knows, this could just close the gaming gap between us.

I think you might like it - the game play, especially in the earlier levels, is really pleasant and non-threatening. Later on, things get more challenging, but you can always stick with the fun stuff. Or, who knows, maybe this is your gateway into hardcore gaming. :-)

My daughter would love this!

I'm dying to play this, but I promised myself I would finish Epic Mickey first. Of course I'm not really loving Epic Mickey so maybe I should trade it in. Tough call.

OMG. I am struggling through Epic Mickey, too. Love the graphics, but the camera and controls are so frustrating! For the record, Kirby is so much more fluid and responsive.

OMG that is awesome! What platform do you play it on?

Since the baby wrecked the xbox (and I have yet to get it repaired) we do have the Wii, but I haven't been playing any games lately. I could definitely get started again with this.

It's a Wii game - you should totally check it out - your older kids would probably love it, too!