Enough Vintage Crochet Awesomeness to Sear Your Eyeballs

31 Mar 2011


Genevieve saw this stack of booklets at a thrift store and, knowing what I like, sent them to me. And I've got to share them with you, because they're crazy amazing.

These are all Annie's Attic publications, circa 1993. (Which is eighteen freaking years ago, if you can believe it.) There's a whole series of booklets from that time about crocheting miniature furniture for "fashion dolls" (which is my favorite genericizing of "Barbie")


What absolutely kills me about this stuff is all the detail - and the structural nature of crochet! Like, how cool that the little tea set is also crocheted?! (Size 10 crochet cotton and No. 7 steel hook, for those who were wondering.)


I love that puff chair. And the completely unsustainable number of pillows on the bed. Barbie never had it so good - not even when she was President.


There's a part of me that wants to hew a giant crochet hook out of a baseball bat and get some great big rope. What if you could make human-sized crochet furniture? Who's with me? Alice?

I think I would look a whole lot better every day if I had this kind of dressing table, is all I'm saying.


…And what if you could solve your storage problems by simply crocheting more cabinets and shelving?!


I find it inexplicably comforting that this crochet stove has crochet pot holders hanging from it.


…But this is some crochet architectural genius at work. Curly chairs and table legs FTW! And how amazing is that sideboard?


I had a big dollhouse as a kid, and if I'd known this kind of thing existed, I would have spent my days and nights making miniature crochet furniture. Except that I was a kid long before 1993.

Does it get any better than crochet wicker?


You're growing exhausted with all the awesome, I can see that. OK, I'll leave you with this last one. Notice two things: the bedside lamp and end table are constructed from stacks of crocheted tires. And the rug is a race track.

I need to go lie down now myself. Thank you, Genevieve!



If I had seen these pattersn when I was a kid (like you, they came along too late) I would have had the whole setup.

That is unbelievable! 1993 How could I have missed this. This should be shared

Agreed! I'd pretty much put it into grade school curriculums if I could. :-)

This is seriously one of the best things I have seen in a while. I can't wait to share these images with my childhood girlfriends :)

Wow, those ARE amazing! The dust ones have me a little nonplussed, but I'll take that kaleidoscopic one any day of the week.

Ooh, those are spectacular links! I love that rug - totally want to crochet by hand now.

I think it is. Little sisters rock! (-said the youngest of six sisters ;)

These are really funny and cute! Back in the 80's I was collecting the wood and metal versions of these crocheted cuties. Now I use some of them in my blog posts with my plushies. Thanks for posting all the fun pictures.

Bubba's Zoom Room is too cool. But I cannot believe that Barbie would let herself have such a country kitchen. A sink with a hand pump -ha!

HAHAHA! Even Barbie likes to get back to basics once in a while, doesn't she?

This is some seriously amazing stuff! Loved your title, loved your comments and yes, I'd love to solve all of my storage and furniture needs by whipping out the hook and some yarn. Hilarious and perfect all at the same time! Thanks for sharing!

This is cool. I found a YouTube video:

Ah, girl. So many thoughts! First, props on a great post title. I need to remember this one for inspiration. :)
2nd, I think those crochet columns have potential. What, I don't know, but something. ;)
3rd, the level of detail in the country kitchen is insane
4th, I want the pod chair the doggy is sitting in. It's actually close to another idea I've had and I so want to make a giant one now.

That is all. :)

Through some interesting serendipity, this just came through on Twitter... Amazing dollhouses http://www.oddee.com/item_97641.aspx

I have just found what my Barbie's were always missing!!!!! If I would have had access to these books, I would have probably made everything in them. Now I will have to make some of these for my nieces- Thanks for sharing these!

WHOA. You and I would have been in front of our dollhouses together. I love the poof chair - CB2 has one like that without a back that I reeeealllly want! Did you see the little tiny pot holders?! ah!!!

I like Bubba's Zoom Room. The spread and rug would be cute for a "real boy's" room.

Wouldn't it, though? I could totally see it as an "off road vehicle" rug, with the bumpy crochet surface. You could even crochet in dimensional rocks and things.

Holy Cow! These designs are amazing (and how the #*(#% did 1993 get to be 18 years old. Nuts). You know, you could just use your hand as a crochet hook if you want to work at a large scale to recreate the furniture...so tempting!

What is this crazy hand-using think of which you speak?!?! :-)

Ow! My eyes!... Nah, This is awesome! It takes me back to my childhood.

Hahaha this is insane! I remember buying Barbie crochet magazines when I was a kid and trying to make the Barbie wedding dress from white crochet thread and size 000000 hooks. What was I thinking?! This stuff looks so similar.

OMG, I would have been all over that. I kind of wish I could go back in time (but take with me the basic crochet competency I had to fight so hard to gain as an adult).

The beginning of the bodice is still in my craft box at my parents' house. It's not too late!!

Oh my god, that IS eyeball-searing. Do these publications contain instructions for all this? And does that mean there are replicas of these crocheted scenes in attics all over the place?? This is definitely one of the coolest things I've ever seen.

RIGHT?!?!? There are complete patterns for all the pieces. I went on the Annie's Attic site to see if they have anything like this now, and stumbled onto this:


(Speaking of eye-searing awesome.)

RIGHT?!?!? There are complete patterns for all the pieces. I went on the Annie's Attic site to see if they have anything like this now, and stumbled onto this:


(Speaking of eye-searing awesome.)

Oh my god, that IS eyeball-searing. Do these publications contain instructions for all this? And does that mean there are replicas of these crocheted scenes in attics all over the place?? This is definitely one of the coolest things I've ever seen.

Best thing about Barbie? She has a sister named Stacie :)

Isn't that a Stacie doll in the bedroom? She was a little sister, right?

I am in LOVE! Miniatures were my first crafty love, crochet my second. If only I had known about these in...oh...3rd grade? The boudoir has me swooning!

I had to laugh at "unsustainable number of pillows." These books are amazing, I was in my barbie lovin' prime in '93. A sweet lady used to crochet & sew tiny dresses for my dolls but, nothing like this.

I want to live in this crocheted house of awesome. Maybe I should just crochet a cozy for all my furniture. Crazy?

Not crazy. Very, very sane. :-)

OMG I am in lurv ? I never saw these, love anything crochet and pink and...and...so lovely ??

Hugs from Marian

This is pretty much the highlight of my day. OH MAH GOSH, I keep looking through the photos and "squee-ing" a little. AAHHH THIS IS SO AWESOME.

HAHAHA! I'm so glad you liked it, Katie. I had the same reaction when I pulled them out of the envelope.

I love everything about this! If only my grandmother had seen this, I would have had dollhouses full of this stuff. I'm most in love with the plants in the first photo.

Aren't they fun? I'm halfway decided to crochet our houseplants - less maintenance. :-)

You should have seen me when I was going through the box where I found these books. "OMG! Too cool! Diane is going to love these! Oh my, there are more!!!". :-)

I might have to punch someone, that is so much awesum. I love that country kitchen with the hand pump sink. The titles are almost as fantastic as the content: "Sissy's Sugar-N-Spice Room," and "Romantic Dining Room." I might faint.

Wow Genevieve .. fabulous finds. Oh my gosh! These are amazing booklets, lucky you! I adore every one of them but, if I could crochet miniatures, I'd start with the sugar and spice room! Love those colors and that chair, rug, pillows. The accessories in each one are fabulous! lol @ Bubba's dog. Have fun Diane .. thanks for sharing! ~Molly

Awesome doesn't begin to describe HOW awesome that is... I can't get over the chairs and the milk can and the lamps and the tea set and the planters and the bushel of apples and the EVERYTHING... You do realize you've started a craze here... Annie's Attic will probably have to run a re-print of these and we're now going to see tiny crocheted home furnishings popping up everywhere! It's almost certain! I can't wait for it either, hee hee!!!!!!! Thanks Diane!

HAHA! That would be funny, wouldn't it? I'm surprised at how many people are loving this stuff as much as I am. There are rich veins of craft hidden everywhere, aren't they?

The year? 1980. The Christmas gift? An entire Barbie wardrobe crocheted by my mother, including tennis outfit, bathrobe, and wedding gown. Complemented of course by an entire doll house full of miniature crocheted comforters, pillows, baby blankets, couches, chairs, pot holders, and lamps. Amazing. I wish I had Some of the talent she had in her little pinky! I loved your post, it brought back a lot of wonderful memories. Thank you.

OMG, what a wonderful gift! My Mom used to sew Barbie clothes for me. And now I totally want to crochet some Barbie clothes. Which would necessitate getting a Barbie.

WOW! That is some amazing crochet! Looks like the only thing missing is a pattern to crochet the actual dolls house!!

You're right, Lorelei - Maybe someone here will write that? She said hopefully? :-)

human sized crochet furniture would be so cool..and fluffy :D

Hey, I own the entire set of instructions for these rooms - I used to be an Annie's Attic subscriber (and Barbie doll collector) back in the day! I also have sets of crochet instructions for Barbie outfits from a few of their annual series. One was "bed dolls" with huge Antebellum dresses, another was Gibson Girl attire. I still love Annie's Attic; they publish some awesome stuff!