People Who Are Freaking Geniuses: Michele Pacey

12 Apr 2011


Here's the second post in what I think will be a roughly-monthly series. Last month, I shared Scott Bedford's particular brand of genius, and this month, you'll meet Michele Pacey.

Michele Made Me is a truly inspiring blog. I think this has a lot to do with the fact that Michele is a very focused maker, and she shares her creative journeys in the form of really cool projects and tips.


All images in this post are by Michele Pacey, and used with permission.

She does a lot of amazing work with recycled materials – up above there, you see her toilet paper roll flowers and some egg carton flowers. Seriously, can you even identify the source materials from these designs?


But one of my very favorite things about Michele Made Me is Michele's series work. I think this is a brilliant way to organize creative exploration! Visit her Series page, and you can link to the projects she's done to explore a particular theme. There's a Feast of Flowers series, a Candy Wrapper Chains series, and more.

I think going deep on a specific idea like this makes for some amazing creative breakthroughs - and this shows in Michele's work. I love how often she makes me stop and think about the humblest materials in fresh ways.


I've been following this Halve a Circle series with great interest. Such a simple premise – just materials cut in circles, and then cut in half. What can you make with them? Well, Michele's already made the butterfly garland pictured above, and some wallflowers, and a cool dragon tail necklace. I wonder what she'll come up with next?


In fact, I think it's that anticipation that makes Michele Made Me so much fun to read. Whereas a lot of us bloggers fall into a pattern of saying, "Here's a cool thing I made, and there's a cool thing I made," Michele really digs in and explores creative possibility. The fact that she brings us along for the journey and shares so many beautifully-photographed tutorials of her discoveries – that's a very generous gift indeed.

If you like Michele's work, thank her with a comment, won't you?

(So, have you guessed what the source material is for those heart frames? It's Kleenex boxes, I know, right?!



Hooray! I'm a fairly new reader of Michele's blog and agree with your observation that she is "a very focused maker". I love that Michele fully embraces making things that are otherwise bound for the trash. My kind of crafting!

Michele is amazing. Great feature choice.

That is totally fantastic. You are right on, Sister Diane!

Oh, yes, she is a genius. Also acerbic, funny, a great writer and super kind to her readers and fans. Great feature!!!

I love how someone can see art in different ways. Very cool looking ideas and very creative.


Thanks so much for the introduction to Michele's work - so creative! Off to explore her site right this minute.

I'm so glad that you featured Michele! I look forward to each post. She's a true artist-creative and resourceful. And she is a very nice person too!

Definitely. Freaking. Genius. Adding to my reader. Thanks for the article (where do you find all these amazing people)!

There has to be some payoff to loitering on the internet so many hours a day! :-) (And I'm glad you enjoy Michele's blog!)

Michele IS a freaking genius and one day I want to see her basement because I imagine it is a labrynth of pop bottles, cereal boxes and egg cartons piled floor to ceiling. I cannot believe what that woman creates from the stuff most people chuck away.

Wow, such lovely comments here. Thanks everyone. And thanks again Diane for the great feature!

Michele is an absolutely amazing creative spirit and her use of taking packages to new heights boggles my mind. Thank you for featuring her. As a Canadian it makes me very proud.

Michele is the queen of creative recycling! Great stuff :)

Michele is an artist that deserves to be in the spotlight!
Congratulations Michele!!

I love upcycling and more people should be doing it, not only does it save you money but its great for the environment thank you Michele for giving me more ideas of what to do with my cardboard ;)