Book Review: World of Geekcraft

09 May 2011


Heh! The Increasingly Inaccurately-Named Blogging Break. :-)

I'm happy to be part of the blog tour for my dear friend Susan Beal's new book, World of Geekcraft: Step-by-Step Instructions for 25 Super-Cool Craft Projects. (And, full disclosure – I was also a project contributor.)

This is another fun Chronicle "inspiration book" that covers a wide variety of crafty techniques. Everything's centered around the "Geek" theme, of course, and the projects also cover a wide range of geekery.


I like how the projects range in complexity, too. There are simpler ideas, like Erika Kern's Periodic Table Cozies…


…And some stunningly complex acts of crafty geeking, like this large perler bead portrait of Buffy. (Hats off to Shayne Rioux for both designing it, and wrangling all those little beads!)


Also on the complex side: this paper mosaic Day the Earth Stood Still toolbox, by Paul Overton.


This is a cool idea, too - Ruth Suehle's Drive-In Messenger Bag. There are LEDs to light up the tail lights, and the movie still of your choice. (In fact, you can change up the movie still whenever you like.)


This was my project - a steampunk-inspired pendant. Yup, tweezers came in very handy.

You'll find templates for most of the designs in this book in a series of pages in the back. The project instructions are in text form for the most part, with a few key illustrations. And interspersed among the projects are geeky ruminations on cool stuff like MIDI, Second Life, Star Wars, and many others.

You can get a deeper peek at the book's website. Geek On, all you crafters!

(Oh - and two more disclosures: Chronicle Books sent me a review copy. The title link above is an affiliate link.)



oh also - wanted to share the local source I found for watch gears and bits, for anyone who wants to make a marvelous machine pendant like Diane's lovely one - - 4035 SE Division Street - Portland, Oregon 97202

Brass gears, cogs, and more! - Are you a
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Thanks so much, Diane! I really appreciate the post - love the projects you spotlighted :)

Holy mini layers of gears, Batman!

the world needs more craft books for geeks :) really great idea

You giving away the review copy??? I'd love to have it :D

I know some of the blog tour stops are doing giveaways, Amy - you might want to check that link in the post.

A book for all SF geeks indeed. Great review, Pauls box/bag is awesome! Love your pendant a lot, it looks complicated and still very feminine and classy. I didn't know you were into steampunk Diane! :-)

 Awesome! Another book to add to the must grab list. We saw a Star Wars craft book over the weekend. I think I smell a new trend. And I love it! LOL Thank you for the wonderful review!