Wondering what these are?

11 May 2011


These, my friends, are brand-spanking-new Kanzashi Makers from Clover! They aren't even in craft stores yet - they're in the process of launching right now!

And lucky me, I get to accompany the Clover team to Spring Quilt Market in Salt Lake City this weekend. I'll be demonstrating these bad boys throughout the show.


If you've ever tried Clover's yo-yo makers (and you should – they're amazing), these Kanzashi Makers work very similarly. You fold the fabric inside the plastic template, and then follow a series of numbered stitch holes. Remove the template, pull the thread, and BAM! Petal!

The templates neatly solve the two biggest issues people have with the method in my book, namely: the backs of the Round petal style popping out when you assemble your flower; and the potential for stringing petals facing the wrong way.

Here are a few flowers I've made with them recently, so you can see the three petal styles at work. In fact, all of these will be on my person at some time or other at the Market.

(That's a trade-only event, but if you'll be there and you read this, I'd love to say howdy in person!)


Wow !!! can't wait to get these. I love all Clover products. 

Whoa, those sound (and look!) amazing!  I must try them.

Wow! How fantastic are those!? I only just found some decent glue, etc here in the UK to try out the flowers in your book. It's been sitting in my short pile of craft books I will use and not just flip through :)
Have fun.

Diane!  Please bring the big red one home!  i want it bad.

Hope you are having a great time at the show.

Those look gorgeous, Diane. Seems like they could make a cool statement necklace. I hopeyou have a great time!

Clover has the coolest tools! I have some of their fabric yo-yo tools; they're a lifesaver for people like me who are severely sewing challenged. These Kanzashi tools are seriously cool!

I love the shapes and colors of those Kanzashi makers on their own... they didn't even have to do anything cool like make flowers. : )

It's never about "needing" another craft, is it? :-) These should be available retail over the coming months - I'll share more details as I get them.

I don't need to learn another craft. I don't need to learn another craft. I don't need to learn another craft. I don't need to learn another craft.

..when and where can I buy these?! ;-)

Lovely flowers! You made it sound very easy. I'll have to add these little gadgets to my *want* list. Enjoy the event.

We shot a nice video at the show, so it should be up on the Clover site soon!

Hi, Cathie - thanks so much for checking out the site! I'm actually on an extended hiatus from podcasting right now. This post explains: http://www.craftypod.com/2011/02/08/how-craftypod-is-moving-forward-with...

 Will you do a demo for these in Vimeo or YouTube?

We taped one at Quilt Market, so that should be online soon. I'll post a link as soon as I hear it's been posted!

I'm glad I have all summer to make samples before I demo them at the quilt show in Oaks, PA in September! 

I love the yo-yo makers and these look amazing!

Thank you so much for spending time demoing these and talking to me at Market about them. I feel like a dork that I didn't realize you were THE Sister Diane but I probably would have been too tongue tied to talk to you had I known! 

My pleasure, Mary - and goodness, I'm just a big dork who loves to talk crafting. I'm glad we got to chat at the show!