The Maker Faire Post

26 May 2011

Mid-Day Sunday at Maker Faire

Here's what my life looks like these days: I get up at 5:00 am. I go to the computer. I work. Ten minutes later, I notice that it's 7:00 pm. I move the laundry to tomorrow's To-Do list again. I fall onto the couch and can't get up.

…Which is why I'm still so remiss in posting here. I'll have my feet back under me soon enough. Thanks for your patience. But for now, let's talk about Maker Faire, which happened last weekend!

Star Wars Crafts

Lordy lord lord, I love this event. K and I had planned to go to Maker Faire as our vacation this year, so getting to be there as part of the CRAFT team was a total bonus.

Part of me wishes it were more than two days long, but then I wonder if my head would explode from more than two days of tightly-packed awesome.

(That's Bonnie Burton, leading a class in Star Wars crafts. I kid you not, a band of musicians in Bith costumes showed up halfway through and played the cantina song, live. Holy crap!)

Needle-Felting Class

The ever-luminous Moxie taught some very popular needle felting classes.

The main thing I love about Maker Faire is that it's such a wide-ranging celebration of making, and all the exposure to different ideas really gets you thinking in new directions. In just two days, I was exposed to solar power, robotics, cheese-making, handmade musical instruments, giant soap bubbles, mushroom-growing, fire-breathing art cars, and as many crafts as you can name.

Crafting Your Online Presence Sunday Panel

The two Crafting Your Online Presence panels were a lot of fun and great information. I wish we could have all gone out for coffee afterward and continued the discussion for another three hours.

(Incidentally, I'll be doing a series of columns on CRAFT, covering what we talked about in these sessions. The first one is up now!)

Lee's Demo

Our demo stage was packed with talented crafters demonstrating interesting things all weekend. Here's Lee, showing us how to make cool stuff from old T-shirts.

Me & Alice

I always love events where I get to meet people I've grown to be good friends with online. I finally met Alice, and Veronique, and Cathe Holden. I met Steven from Spoonflower, too! And I saw so many lovely peeps I only get to see once a year if I'm lucky.


Speaking of Veronique, look at this! She brought me the most amazing Pushkin pin ever. EVER! She actually did a Google Image Search for "Pushkin Gilleland" and found a photo reference. I just love all the tiny stitching and details - right down to his little ear-fur tufts. What a treasure.

Glowing Inflatable Forest

Meanwhile, all around us, all sorts of awesome geekery was going on. I loved this lit-up inflatable forest.


…And the LEGO Jeep, on which you can build any LEGO sculpture you like.

Mechanical Swamp Kirin

…And the Mechanical Swamp Kirin - probably the best piece of human puppetry ever.

There's way more, of course. Check out my Flickr set, if you're interested. And remember, there are Maker Faires coming up in Detroit and New York, and Mini Maker Faires in Ann Arbor, North Carolina, Kansas City, and Vancouver, BC. If you can get to any of these, you won't regret going.


i would love to go to something like that! looks like so much fun and so much to look at :)

Wow, what a blast! We need one in Denver!  That Pushkin pin is amazing, and you looked perfectly sunny and crafty! Glad you had so much fun!

Pushkin requires breakfast at 5am. Who are we to argue?

So awesome! I loved Maker Faire when it came to Austin... :( (hint, hint, nudge, nudge ;))
It's so great to see you at the helm and doing so well. 

Awesome! Love the pic of you and Alice. And WHY do you get up at 5am? Ohmyword, I would die. Take care!

I must go next time!  Looks fantastic.  and that Craft tee is perfect.  Thanks for sharing the pictures and recap for us.

I loved meeting you, too!  And all the hugs made the craziness of MF a bit more bearable.  I only wish we'd had time to hang out without the lack of sleep and freak-out factor of bazillions of people all around. :)

I hope this comment posts!  This looks SO great, so fun!  It's like being IN THE ZONE for hours!  I'm so glad you got to see so many cool peeps.

Pushkin pin!  I'll be a member!!

I have wanted to go for AGES and still haven't made it! I'm going to look at the Vancouver one now, but I still make it to CA soon!

It was super nice to meet you, and I'm super glad you like your pin :).