A Community Weaving Project at the Museum of Contemporary Craft

11 Jul 2011


Hey, Locals - if you're free any Saturday in July, you should stop in at the Museum of Contemporary Craft. They're hosting a monthlong community weaving project in conjunction with the (really lovely) Laurie Herrick weaving exhibition.


SCRAP has donated a whole bunch of nifty stuff to weave with – yarns and zippers and strips of craft foam and ribbons and so on. These simple cardboard looms work great, and you can take home instructions for making one of your own.


Then, on July 30, volunteers will take all the weaving people have created all month and stitch it into a larger piece that will become part of the Museum's permanent collection.

Cool, right? This freshly-warped loom awaits your creativity. Bring your kids - it's a great activity for them, too!



HI, Deepee - I found this:

And I did a simpler version a while back: http://www.craftstylish.com/item/2546/how-to-weave-on-a-cardboard-loom

If you Google "cardboard box loom," there are lots more results, so you might find even more options there.

not being local I would love to know where to find instructions for the cardboard loom as shown.

A fabulous project and a sensational event - wish I lived closer!  Best wishes to all of the organizers; I'm sure the participants will have a blast and learn quite a bit.  Is there any chance that you would be able to post a photo of the composite piece once all of the individual efforts are stitched together?  I sure that all of us who live outside the Portland are would enjoy seeing the final work of art.  Many thanks!

I'll definitely get some images to share!

There is so much right with this idea that it's impossible to tell you how right it is.  But you can FEEL it, yes?

Hello my friend thanks for your work good idea....kisses from Azores PORTUGAL