A Quick Nip Out to the Farmer's Market

20 Aug 2011

Patty Pan Squash

Life finally conspired to let us pop over to the Hillsboro Farmer's Market this weekend. It was eerily empty, which meant things were amazingly priced. I tried to give as many veggies good homes as I could, but we're gonna have to put our backs into eating it all this week.

Unrelated: I do think patty pan squash is the prettiest vegetable ever.

Anaheim Chiles

Here's the big score of the week: chiles! I adore chile season. I'll be roasting these Pasillas in my oven, and using them to make fresh salsa. And something along these lines.

White Cukes

We were hoping for little pickling cucumbers, but we're either too early or too late. Tough to tell in this upside down growing season.

These come from the Hillsboro Garden Club's stall. We always love buying there - organic goodies from home gardens. There's something about this packaging I find very charming.

Fresh Carrots

We're already seeing creeping signs of Fall approaching here in the Northwest – new apples are appearing at some stalls, and certain trees have leaves changing color already! Wait, what? I know I've been out of things all summer, but that's way too soon.

Can I just have about four more weeks of farm produce, please? I need to catch up.

(As always, all today's photos are in this year's Flickr set, if you're so inclined.)


Hi, those are not Pasillas, they're Poblanos ;)

Well, the sign on them at the market was "Pasillas," though the grower referred to them as "Like Poblanos." So... there we are. :-)

Gorgeous photos, Diane! I love fresh roasted chiles too! Hope you had great success cooking up all of your fresh food finds!

So far, so good – fresh salsa for everyone! :-)

Seriously, you have leaves changing already?  This summer has gone by way too fast!  Love all the veggie photos.  Farmers markets just make me happy:)

It really has, hasn't it? It just started feeling like summer here, and Labor Day weekend is coming right up. 2011: The Year On Speed. :-/

Summer is still on, I'm wearing a skirt (even when it rains). :-)

And yes, patty pan squash ARE so pretty, I have never seen anything like those here, they are pretty pretty pretty!