A Gene Kelly Craft-Along! Join Us?

23 Aug 2011


It began, as so many wonderful things do, with a random conversation on Twitter.

First, Marlo tweeted something about watching a Gene Kelly film. Being a huge Gene fan, I replied, and I cc-ed Rachel, because she loves her some Gene as well. Then Alissa and Stacie chimed in, and Moxie and Tara, and before we knew it, we'd cooked up a Gene Kelly Craft-Along.


This makes me about fifty kinds of happy, because I don't really have words for how much I love Gene Kelly's work. That's pure joy as expressed through dance – and sure, there are legends about him being a crazy perfectionist, but the man had vision. And rock-hard abs.

Oddly, though, I've never done much Gene-related crafting. Above is the one Gene craft I've ever made in my life: it's a little creativity shrine. I think it's from circa 2004.


In fact, it turns out that the world is surprisingly devoid of Gene Kelly-themed crafts. Go do some Googling right now; I'll wait.

Where's the Gene-as-sailor amigurumi? Where are the Gene quilts? The mixed media jewelry? And yes, where is the Gene Kelly plastic canvas?


Well, my Twitter pals and I aim to make the world a Gene-Kelly-craftier place, and you're cordially invited to join in! This is a very informal affair – there aren't any hard deadlines. The whole thing starts today (which is, appropriately enough, the man's 100th birthday, were he still with us). From here, feel free to make a Gene-based craft and share it on your blog and our little Flickr group. Want a Twitter hashtag? #GK4EVR.

I'll be sharing my new Gene project (which, yes, does involve the aforementioned PC, and is epic) in stages here. And if you'd like to do some swooning with me in the comments below, I'd be totally up for that.

Here are the other Gene Kelly Crafters' posts:

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so glad you're going to straighten out that lack of Gene Kelly plastic canvas crafts issue!!

EEP! YES! This is an epic idea and I'm in! Gene Kelly was one of the most charming humans ever. Brainstorming now.

Yaaay! So glad you're joining in the fun, Polly!

Here is the actual link! Copy and paste in browser


The classic! I think I've watched almost all the good dance numbers over the course of today.

YES!  Gene was the master.

Agreed! My two favorites are when he sings and dances "I Got Rhythm" with all the cute French kids in An American in Paris, and the "Moses Supposes" number from Singin' in the Rain.

DITTO! Watched both today- swoooooon! :) 

Even before I started liking boys, I realized that Gene was HOT!! My family would come home from church on Sunday and we would watch a Shirley Temple movie and some other vintage films (very often featuring Gene or Fred) while Mom made dinner. I've had a mad crush on Gene since about 1970. I love the Moses Supposes number and I also loved Gene dancing with Jerry the mouse in Anchors Aweigh and then again with Stewie on Family Guy. Gene in a sailor's outfit.....check out the glutes! Okay, now I have to go get a cold drink and settle down......

I totally understand. :-)

His glutes stand alone! His sailor suit from Anchors Aweigh is by far my favorite costume of his.

Did you see the EPIC Gene Kelly playlist on YouTube?
It has all the great scenes from all the movies!

Girl, that link is pure gold - thank you!

I would totally buy a Gene quilt, too! I love that your Mom made you a Gene picture book!

The picture book really is a cute little thing.

By the way, today is his 99th birthday (he was born in 1912). :-)

Well, how weird or maybe timely is that.  Only last Saturday I watched Gene Kelly 'Singing in the Rain' and I fell in love with him and his quick stepping shoes all over again.  So if I can think of something to craft I would love to join the craft along Diane.  Have to get my thinking cap on.

We'd love to have you join in the fun!

This is such a fab idea!  I saw it at Rachel's blog and immediately knew what I wanted to make, so I've joined the group and hope I can turn my vague doodle into a quilt :)  Can't wait to see what everyone comes up with!

Yay! I can't wait to see your quilt, Laura!

Great idea, Diane!  Can't wait to see what you girls cook up!   Hmmm...speaking of cooking, I wonder if someone could create a "Gene Kelly" cupcake...
Big hugs,

OOh, yes, please!