It's true, I have left CRAFT.

23 Aug 2011


Well, it's been announced on CRAFT, so I can talk about it over here. I've decided to end my contract as Editor in Chief and come back to my own business.

It's not appropriate to discuss too many details, of course, but the position just wasn't a good fit for me. Of course CRAFT is still amazing, and we should all be reading and supporting it. But do not worry - I'm completely fine, and 100% happy to be moving on.


It's been really sad the past 3+ months, watching all the tumbleweeds blowing through this space. It was impossible to maintain CraftyPod and do that job. I've hated watching my traffic numbers decline, and I've hated being such an infrequent and largely uninteresting blogger. I worked hard to build this blog, and it means so much to me that you come by here and witness the stuff I do, and offer supportive and thoughtful commentary. It felt like I was letting you (and myself) down.

Orenco Market, 7/18/10

So… moving forward! I have about one bazillion new ideas, and I'm energized enough to toast bread with my mind. I'm going to take a few days off and regroup (i.e, clean my house for the first time since May), and then look out, y'all! There be a new content renaissance ahead.

In the meantime, I send you hugs and one of these amazing truffles my Mom makes. Thank you for putting up with the dry spell.



Congratulations and condolences.  And yes - I do love the new organizational system!!

Welcome back!  Good for you trying new things and making decisions to change directions based on your talents and passions!

Welcome back and congrats on making one of those tough decisions we all hate to make. Your readers here will benefit.

I think you did a good job at CRAFT, but I'm glad to have you back here. I was listening to an old episode yesterday and wishing that there were more in the future. I'm excited to see what's next. 

Lots of hugs! And, boy, is it good to have you back!

How strange...after months away (distracted!), I just decided to pop by and see how you were doing and it looks like I arrived back in time for some big news.  If it means you'll be blogging more (and maybe podcasting again?), I'm all for it.  Best of luck with your transition.

HAHA! I will be the first to say: you haven't missed all that much. :-) Podcasting is in the cards - I'll have an update soon. And lots and lots of blogging - my backlog of things to share is a mile long. Thanks for checking back in!

Welcome back, Diane! 
Craftypod hasn't been the only place seeing tumbleweeds!
 It is going to be pure heaven having my daughter back!  I even have the coolest joint project in my mind and now there is a good chance we can actually do it together!
You have put 150% effort into CRAFT, and I am proud of you for knowing when something isn't a good fit and having the courage and strength to act. 
I can tell already that you have left CRAFT in capable hands. Carla is already doing a great job.

Welcome Back! You did a great job with CRAFT, but it is nice to have you back in your happy place! looking forward to lots of crafty goodness!!

Thank you for your stint with CRAFT, Diane, you rocked it! I'm looking forward to seeing your posts here again, you were missed.

Ain't gonna lie - I missed you here.  As always, I'm excited for you!  xoxo

Ah, that's wonderful, Jill. Downtime is so important... and so hard to get in retail. I hope you can find more balance as you carry your business forward. (Well, holiday season aside, right?) :-)

Welcome back! :)

Wowee. You people are so dang nice. THANK YOU for all these lovely comments. They have made my whole night.

Love you, Diane! Excited to read all about the awesome things you've been saving up for that blissful downtime to blog for fun :)

xoxoxoxox + SO excited for the Hello Etsy conference and getting to see you there!!!

As always, I think you're living the dream, sweet Diane. :)  I love that you can follow your heart.

Yay! We missed all your wonderful crafty insights!

I was following you over at Craft, and I will continue to follow Craft, but I'm also super excited to see all your new ideas back over here.  Yay!

I am sorry things didn't turn out the way you imagined.  You are very creative and hard working.  I know your new dreams will be fabulous.

Congratulations on your choice! 

Welcome Back!

Welcome back!  loved you at craft, but missed you here!  (and I totally understand the feeling of letting your blog suffer...sigh...  one day we have to implement our Greatest Hits idea)

Aw, Man! The awesome and yet long-delayed Greatest Hits project. I have lots of time now, so if you want to move on it anytime, just holler!

Good luck with your new transition! I am a faithful podcast listener and now I will be a faithful blog reader! I am excited to see where the future leads you!

There will be SisterDianess on the horizone again, and with podcasting too!?!! That's indeed good news. I wish you all the luck with your new more homebound adventures! XOXOX

Congratulations, Diane! I eagerly await news of your new adventures. I smell your toast burning all the way from here. xoxo

One part of me is sad that you're leaving CRAFT, but another one is very happy because you're going to be on your Craftypod blog more often!

It takes great courage to start a project, but it takes even more to decide to end one. 
I am very happy that you took this decision so that you could concentrate on the projects that are the most important to you. :-)  
Welcome back, Diane! xoxo! 

It sounds like that was a tough decision.  But selfishly, as an avid reader of your blog, I am delighted to have you 'back'! Crossing my fingers for more podcasts too!  It sounds like it was very much the right decision for you too :-) Congratulations.


Count me as another person who is selfishly happy about this news, and looking forward to lots of crafty goodness à la Diane.

We love you wherever you are! But it's nice to see you here. :)

Yay, Diane! I'm your fan whatever you do!

It must have been a difficult thing to do but it's important to listen to your heart and soul when working in this industry. Glad to have you back here. :-)

Good for you! Other people can helm Craft (though not as well, of course), but only YOU can do Craftypod.

Diane, I've missed you here and I look forward to seeing what you choose to do next! 

I will follow you to the ends of the earth.

As someone who only discovered you after you had stopped podcasting - I can only hope that this might mean you also have time to record the odd podcast or two. I've found the existing craftypod episodes such a wealth of information. All the best with your new adventures Diane!

Thanks, Karen! I will be podcasting again, but I can't afford to do this for free any longer. I'll have more details about what's to come soon.

Welcome back and congrats on knowing when something just isn't for you. I'm looking forward to more Craftypod goodness. 

I echo everyone else in saying that I will follow you anywhere. I am glad that CraftyPod is back in action! Let me know whenever you have new things to promote -- I'd love to help spread the word. 

you sound settled and happy and sure. Good for you for trying it, and the even scarier part -- acting once you realized it wasn't for you. Onward!

Oh, criminy sakes. I had NO idea.
I'm a terrible friend.

You rock.

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