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09 Sep 2011

Saori Woven Journal

Surpriiiiiiise! A few routine (but very belated) blog updates led to a big ol' crash yesterday, which in turn led to this new bloggy look. I'm not 1000% in love, but I actually have plans to move this whole thing to another platform in a few months, so this'll do for now.

Anyway, I'm multitasking a little here. I'm testing whether my RSS feed is still working, and I thought I'd share a couple nice fiber-y things with you at the same time.

Up above there is a beautiful woven journal my Mom made me recently. The cover is a piece of saori weaving - she uses plain ol' cardboard as her loom! (You can learn how she does this right over here.) I know I'm going to love using it.

Back Into the Fray

…And, I've been taking yet another run at learning to knit. This time is going much better, thanks to the power of Twitter. How awesome is it to be able to whine about one's knitting problems publicly, and then get showered with helpful advice and links? Extremely awesome.

So I'm making an attempt at a striped scarf, using leftover yarn from yet another crochet project that turned inexplicably hideous in my hands.

The fiber arts, they confound me. Happy Weekend, everyone!



Very nice! I've been in the mood for a revamp myself. Glad to see you back in full force. You've been missed! :)

:-) And I have sure missed everyone. Thanks so much, Patricia!

Oh my goodness, it's like a color explosion and I love everything I see!

Thanks so much, Ann!

Hey, the blog isn't looking bad at all!

Also..sheesh.. I'm another knitting illiterate - good luck! :-)

YES. "Knitting Illiterate" is exactly how I feel! I just had a two-day span where I didn't practice and I had to go look up how to do everything all over again. :-/

Me too. It's why I've basically given up on knitting. I'll take crochet any day, thank you very much. ;-)

Dearest, you do know that your scarf will curl like mad because it's stocking stitch, right?

I do, but I have absolutely no idea how to rectify this. Would crocheting along the edges make any difference?

Yes. :)

You could add a seed stitch border all around your scarf to keep it from curling. Seed stitch is knit 1, purl 1 - when I've done a seed stitch border I add 5 stitches on either side and then do about 5 rows in seed stitch at the beginning and at the end. To do a seed stitch border you'd have to start over though. I think a crochet border on it would help, if you don't want to rip out and start all over again. Let me know if you need any help, I'd be happy to help you along.

Thanks so much, Gabriela! I've practiced a little seed stitch, so that might work for me. And I am very, very well-versed in starting over, so that's no issue. :-)

this new page design looks nice ... thanks for the pretty fiber pictures !
BTW ... about the knitting ... the tendency to curl has been hashed about in quite a few places lately ... a crochet edging is a very nice idea ! ... some people have used other knit stitch patterns (like ribbing or plain garter stitch) and some have embraced the curl by sewing it into a "tunnel" ... PS - have you read about "knooking" - knitting with a special crochet hook ? or Tunisian crochet ... these work well for me when traveling.

I'm really wanting to learn Tunisian - a couple friends have gotten into it recently, and it looks so pretty. I don't need another new craft right now, but since when has that stopped any of us? :-)

Your mom's journal is so pretty, Diane, and the blog is looking spiffy!

I'm forever playing around with the look of my blog but I never seem to get it quite as I like it, eesh. Maybe one day when I'm rich I'll hire someone to do it. Ya, that's the plan.

Thank you, Michele! And, Heh! I would totally hire this stuff out if I could afford to, too. :-)

Oh I love your new layout and header! Looks so fresh and fun, like you :) I have had an update on my dashboard for 3 months on my theme and I haven't done it yet for fear of messing it up. I so wish I could find a reliable PAID helper to help me! So frustrating. I guess I could learn how to do it like you do...this might be my motivator. Good to have you back posting again :)

Hmmm... shall I put out a call on Twitter again? Last time, I heard from quite a few people. This theming stuff is time-consuming. On the surface of things, it's all fairly easy... except there are so many hidden variables that can really trip you up.

Oh I LOVE the new header! So bright, like the flowers, but not flowers! It's cute, Diane!

Thanks, Kathryn! So glad you like it!

Usually I remedy the curling with a border of garter stitch. So I would knit the first 4 stitches and last 4 stitches on every row, even your purl rows. But someone more skilled at knitting might have a better suggestion.

Ah, that I could handle. Thanks for the suggestion, Beth!

Love that journal, Diane, your mom is awesome! And your blog looks great on this end.

Knitting: A friend of mine wants to teach my daughters and I how to knit, but only one daughter really wants to learn. I don't know how to bow out gracefully (I crochet & am perfectly satisfied with that), so I have a feeling I'll be clicking needles soon. I failed at learning to knit once, but you have inspired me to keep an open mind.

Heh! Well, I wish you luck with your foray into knitting. As a fellow crocheter, I'll say this: I had a waaaay easier time with Continental style than English style. In Continental, you tension the yarn with your left hand, like you do in crochet. It feels a lot more logical.

Hey Diane, I miss your buttons, the wool is nice but next update don't forget a sprinkle of buttons.

Heh! Don't worry - buttons will figure prominently in CraftyPod 4.0. I just thought a little break was in order. :-)

Hi Diane
You might want to check out the TechKnitters series of blog posts on how to stop a stocking stitch scarf stop curling Good luck :)

OOh, that's a great series, Elly - thank you so much for that link. Those are three great solutions - although, the lining option is probably my best bet at the moment. Loving the fact that this would get me out of weaving in ends, too!

Oh I like the new look! Good to mix it up a little every once in a while.

Thanks, Christina! Speaking of changing it up, I'm loving your new blog about reading in public places!

Stunning journal from your Mom. Her tutorial is amazing. Had to pin it on Pinterest so I can remember to try it out. Cardboard never had it so good. :) Hope your blog blues are over. I know how heartbreaking that can be.

the blog looks good and that is such a great looking journal from your mom :)

Holy cow. I was so busy doing my own (completely unexpected) website rearranging) that I missed yours!
We seem to have done it on the EXACT same schedule!

Also - ha! Knitting is contagious!