People Who are Freaking Geniuses: Donovan Beeson

05 Oct 2011

Donovan Beeson5

Today, my friends, I want to share a very special blogger with you. Donovan Beeson writes the INtangible blog, which is (except for the blog skeleton itself) 100% hand-drawn and lettered.

Since my love of comics re-ignited last year, I've been circling around the idea of drawing. Shana suggested I check out Donovan's blog. And oh, lordy, does it ever make me happy.

Donovan Beeson1
All images here by Donovan Beeson, republished with permission.

Each entry is similar to what you see here - a lovely drawing of something or other, a little hand-lettered rumination, and a stamp to number the post.

Topics on the INtangible Blog range from beautiful office supplies to the joy of real-live mail to ephemera to life in Chicago. What I love most is the level of focus. Each post is a single idea, a single moment in time. I love how, in an information-stuffed online environment, Donovan's level of focus helps me slow down and focus, too.

Donovan Beeson2

The blog feels to me like one of those really cool old curiosity shoppes (which must be spelled with a "ppe"), where you can rummage in drawers and cupboards for treasures while some kind of minuet plays on a scratchy old record player in the background.

Donovan Beeson3

That's what I'm saying. It's atmospheric. I'd love to go on showing you post after post, but you should really pop over there and rummage in the drawers yourself. Enjoy!




Absolutely brilliant! The hand lettering adds a level of intimacy to the blog.

How lovely! I'm off to have a look :)

she really really is a freakin' genius. yay donovan!

Thanks for the post, Diane! The inspiration is mutual.

Thank you so much for sharing this blog! It is amazing!

You find the coolest stuff! Thanks for sharing.

Oh my gosh, that is so cool!

Whoa... Such an inspiration. Thanks for the lovely intro to The Intangible Blog, Diane!

Diane, this is genius, truly inspiring. Just thinking of the time and work involved in creating each post this's astounding. Donovan also co-runs another site that I adore and that is dear to my heart, The Letter Writers Alliance.

I am so beside myself in the glow of that awesomeness, I need to be slapped. Holy. Crap.

Wowwwwwww. Just wow. Sometimes I think that I can draw. And then I look at blogs like these. HA!

:-) Donovan's so amazing at it. I haven't drawn since probably high school, but I wish I had that fluency. Need to get back to my first-thing-in-the-morning drawing practice. Sigh...