Look out... I am making things with plastic canvas now.

09 Jan 2012


I'm pleased as punch to report that I've been diving into plastic canvas in earnest since New Year's weekend. And here's what I've made so far!


This little robot couple stands about 6" tall. The boy robot is built from 38 small pieces of PC, and his ladyfriend required 22 pieces. They also used up the better part of five skeins of pearl cotton.


Along the way, I needed to solve many construction challenges, and it turns out K. is a genius at PC engineering. He designed this domed head - how cool is that?


He also came up with the concept that led to this curvy ladyfriend torso. Really, the PC will go waaaaaaaay beyond boxes with a little creative manipulation.

I'm using the 10-count canvas here, which has better flexibility than the bigger stuff most craft stores carry. The smaller holes give you many more options for shaping.


I'm pretty stoked that they stand up by themselves, too.

I'm already hard at work on my next PC project – it's something extremely nerdy, and I'll share its progress as soon as I've acquired the many new floss colors I'll need in order to make it happen.



Man, there needs to be an updated plastic canvas craft book. Seriously.

And SD needs to write it. :)

HAHA! Thank you, you guys. :-) Apparently, it'll be a book of internet-culture, sci-fi and geek patterns!

I'm sorry, Diane, but those are almost too ADORABLY COOL for me to endure. I feel my head might explode if I look at them one more - uh-oh...kerBLAAAM!

Heh! Apologies for the mess. :-) And thank you!!

Awesome! I love your plastic canvas posts! It brings me to back to when my grandma and I used to get our plastic canvas on together when I was a little girl. Thanks Diane!

Know what won't require TOO many colours of floss, and would be geektastic? A dalek. Just saying.

I'd love to do a Dalek - just need to find the way to do all those half-domes on the base. Definitely planning a TARDIS as well.

Very cute robots :)

Holy shmokes. Those are just. too. awesome. You are my hero :)

Your robots are adorable! My dad and step-mother were into plastic canvas years ago when my girls were little and they made them whole complete rooms for their Barbie dolls. Furniture, rugs, lamps, down to the candlesticks on the table. I have them packed away for grandchildren some day. Will always remain in the family...what a treasure!

I love how you made her dress- the decorative stitching and all. Fantastic!

Heehee! Love these! They're adorable & look like they took lots of time. How long did it take you to finish them?

It probably took about three 8-hour days altogether, though I worked on them a little at a time. I kept having to stop and do engineering tests to get the shapes I was looking for, and that took a while. :-)

Words simply cannot express how much I adore these.

Oh, look at those! So cute!

I have some pictures of the Tiki surfer lounge. How and where do I send them? Sorry, my computer skills are horrible.

No worries! Emailing might be easiest - diane.gilleland@gmail.com would be great. Thank you!

My husband finally got home and helped me to set up a flickr account. The address is: http://www.flickr.com/photos/pink-aisle-designs . The pictures are already in there.

Everybody go look at this! It's incredible!

LOVE these robots!!! You are so stinkin' creative. I've been all excited about diving into Kanzashi soon and here you go showing me other cool projects!

Yay for Kanzashi! I'd love to see what you make - we have a whole Flickr group! http://www.flickr.com/groups/1182959@N23/

I love the robots! They are so cool! You definitely need to publish a plastic canvas book! People need to see that plastic canvas is a really awesome craft.

Agreed! People need to grasp the wonders of the PC. And I want to see your Tiki surfer lounge!

OMG! OMG! And I thought my gingerbread house you made me when you were in HS was genius! I can not wait to meet these in person!

These are incredible! They would make awesome cake toppers for a geeky wedding. Love :)

They are adorable! I can't wait to see what's next:)