People Who Are Freaking Geniuses: the Handmade Ryan Gosling Team

13 Jan 2012

All images from Handmade Ryan Gosling, used with permission.

The new podcast will be a bit delayed, due to some drama behind the scenes, about which I'll elaborate soon.

Instead, let's have a purely awesome look at some People who are Freaking Geniuses – the women behind a Tumblog called Handmade Ryan Gosling. This will sound weird if you're not an internet-meme-junkie, but the whole site is photos of the actor Ryan Gosling, altered with captions that make him into every crafter's ultimate boyfriend.


For those of you asking "Why Ryan Gosling?!", the whole thing is part of one of those spontaneous internet memes. There are Ryan Gosling photoblogs for the feminist community, Shakespeare lovers, librarians, typographers, and more. Know Your Meme has a full history and growing library of these links. (Along with a really funny video of Ryan Gosling perusing some of these images. What a brain-bake to be him in this situation, eh?)


The women who brought this to the handmade community are: Ashley Ray, of One in the Hand, with help from Allyson Dykhuizen of The Sweatshop of Love, Lily Ubbelohde of The Owl and the Bee, and Katie Canavan of Under the Red Umbrella.

I asked Ashley how Handmade Ryan Gosling got started. She said:

"Every once in a while, someone on Twitter (myself included) would say something swoon-y about Ryan Gosling. I was introduced to the older Ryan Gosling Tumblogs sometime in November (I know, I was late to the party!) and was very entertained by them. I loved Feminist Ryan Gosling, Biostatistics Ryan Gosling, and my favorite was Librarian Hey Girl (I once wanted to be a librarian). Over the course of a few days, the Tumblrs kept popping up in my mind – I was thinking of how most of my Twitter friends who like him are crafters, and how we all feel territorial about him, as silly as that sounds. “He’s MY pretend boyfriend!” After sharing the same Tumblrs with different people, it finally occurred to me that I could make my own, about a topic I know well – a topic my friends would also get excited about. I imagined around 10 ladies giggling and sharing ideas back and forth."


…But it's actually spread like wildfire around the crafty community.

I have the best boyfriend on this green earth, but even I feel oddly comforted by these images, with their captions that speak directly to my crafty heart. And while feeling said comfort, I'm also laughing so hard I spit my coffee.

…So I need to make myself one of these that says "Hey, Girl… don't worry. I know the crafty podcast thing will come together soon. Meanwhile, let's go make something with plastic canvas."


UPDATE: OMG!! Meryl Ann just sent me this. I laughed so hard, I swear I got a core workout in the process. Thanks, Meryl Ann!



These are so funny! I love that Meryl Ann made you one:)

I've been giggling over these for several weeks now, they're almost painfully accurate. I also had to send a couple to my bloke, who laughed hysterically with complete comedy of recognition.

I absolutely live for each Handmade Ryan Gosling installment. These four women are the funniest, dearest ladies for delivering him to us in this way, tied up with fancy twine ribbon. xo

I just discovered the Hey Girl craft blog earlier this week and it is so strangely comforting, isn't it?? And nothing has made me laugh so hard in a long time--it's funny how powerful and popular they are! Thanks for sharing the Know Your Meme post, too--so interesting to see the history of an online idea!

Follow the link to Know Your Meme in my post - you'll see a video of him reading some of them and laughing. And talking about them a little.

Hey girl. Thanks so much for featuring us! We think you are a freaking genius, too.

Hey girl... The fact that you started your comment with "Hey girl" has me giggling my head off. :-)

Oh. my. goodness. Thank you for bringing this into my life! Hysterical.

I shared these with my husband when I first saw them, because some of them are so true to how patient he is with my crafting. There's one about seeing a featherweight and learning about vintage sewing machines, which has totally happened in our marriage.

It goes without saying that I freakin love this post, yes I do AND for all the joy it has given me, I'd make that midnight craft run for low temp glue sticks for all of ya'll

Hey girl... thanks! :-)

I keep showing these to my husband, telling him he needs to step it up. But, then I remember that he built me a studio from scratch. Instead, maybe I need to start my own Handmade Jeremy meme. The first post:"Hey girl. I know it's hard to work at the kitchen table, so I turned our office area into a custom sewing studio. I hope you like it." :D

HAHAHAHA! And I'll start a Handmade Katin meme. His will say things like "Hey girl... I adjusted your blog's CSS so you'd have prettier spacing in your byline block."

Thanks for the awesome feature, Diane!

You all should submit your ideas!!

This is the first one I ever saw and I about died when I saw it because it's so me and my piles. That vintage button one is pretty off the hook, too! :)

I wonder if Ryan Gosling has responded to any of these memes? It would be interesting to find out what he thinks.

This is hilarious! I had no idea that such a thing existed. I just checked out the site and completely lost it when I got to, "Hey Girl. F*@! that bobbin."

Hahahaha! The last one was genius!

Oh Diane, I too must of been in the dark on this one! Thank you for sharing it, I laughed my head off. I never even seen the Notebook movie, but he can get my glue sticks anytime.