How I Supported Free in January (and, do you even want to hear about this anymore?)

30 Jan 2012

yucca moth on the tip jar

Image by trickypup, via Flickr

So, after twelve months, it's become a firm habit with me to make a few purchases in support of our community. I wasn't sure whether I'd continue the practice of reporting my purchases to you each month, though. Are you over this post series by now? Or is it still useful/interesting to see how it works for me each month? I'd love to hear what you think in the comments!*

Meantime, since it feels normal now, here are my acts of community support for January:

This month, I decided to focus on supporting bloggers whose work I've been reading for a long time.

I ordered a copy of Carina Envoldsen-Harris and Nicole Vos van Avezathe's e-zine, Colour & Stitches. It's a beautiful digital publication about embroidery, and this issue is filled with awesome tools and advice for choosing colors for stitchery projects. And like Carina's blog, it's filled with eye-candy.

I've reviewed some of Carina's other digital publications before, and I always love supporting other indie publishers.


I also ordered my very own customized crochet hook from Lisa Clarke. I've read her blog, Polka Dot Cottage, pretty much since I started reading blogs. She used to do a lot of polymer clay work, but had taken a long break to focus on fiber arts. But she recently came back to poly with these embellished hooks, and I snapped one up. It feels absolutely lovely in the hand.


*I should say, I plan to continue this monthly project in 2012, even if you decide you'd rather not hear ongoing reports of it. So there are no wrong answers. :-)

Happy Monday, everyone! Later this week, I'll have some craft-project-y things for you.


Please keep these updates up! It's an inspiration to me, as well as a specific reminder that we should be investing back into the creative communities we receive so much from.

I love it too. I think it's important to keep talking about, and I hope that it continues to catch on ;)

And I agree with all of the above. Whenever you post this series I always think about where I could support some free and why I should. So many blogs are "all about me" so it's great to see community and others-focus build.

I want to keep hearing about this. I think it's awesome. And if you keep telling me about it it will remind me that I want to take part as well.

I like it because I hear about people I would not otherwise know about.

I love this series of posts, and I hope you'll keep on doing it. Through it, you've introduced me to so many interesting sites and products! (I'm totally envying that crochet hook and may need to go see if there are any others still for sale!)

Thanks for all that you do! :)

I still want to hear about it, Diane!

As others have said it's a good way to make others think about supporting fellow artists/bloggers/podcasters etc. Your accountability encourages others to do the same.

Plus the added bonus of hearing about people we may not have come across otherwise. :-)

Well, sweetheart! i think you got your answer! People love your monthly series about how you support the community!

And this is good to know since i have followed in your footsteps! I wish everyone would give it a try - for even three months - to see how it works for them. Supporting our community is a very feel good thing to do.

How fun that you've been reading my blog that long! I wonder which of us found the other first? :-) I've loved this project of yours since you started it, and I appreciate having benefited from it this time around, too!

I say, keep the updates coming. You've introduced me to some nifty people and products this way.

I love this feature of your blog, so please continue updating us on these awesome sites. I have also supported several of the sites you have mentioned in the past. Thank you for this great information!

Yes, yes - keep posting these. Reason one - your travels in cyberspace are on a different orbit than mine so it's a great way to be introduced to sites I'd never find otherwise. Reason two - what about folks new to your blog - it would be a shame for someone to miss out on this great idea - I know it provided inspiration for me to look at ways to show support. Reason three - showing the love is always a welcome message - a needed salve to the other craziness going on in the world. Reason four and maybe one of the more important ones - it's a practice what you preach thing. So many blogs and sites now ask for donations I'm more inclined to to support others that support others as well.

Totally agree with Lisa and Brenda. Love hearing about these other sites. You've long been my trusted "go-to" for entry to other worthwhile craft sites and bloggers. I'd write more now but I have to go read my own copy of "Color & Stitches" that I just purchased....

Oh, I absolutely looooove hearing about how you supported free during the month, Diane. In fact, I decided to do the same since I'm very sure you suggested us to do this, last time you posted about this. It's probably one of my favorite blog serie, on your blog. It's also a very good reminder for us to support the online community and to discover other bloggers.
Of course, this is your blog and it's up to you to decide if you go on with this blog post serie or not. :)